Prayer and meditation

There can be a fine line between prayer and meditation, if you are inclined to work that way. One of the things I do is to contemplatively deconstruct The Gorsedd prayer in times of difficulty. The reflective process clears my thoughts and generally improves things. I have never been sure whether there was anything coming towards me as a consequence of working with the prayer, but it works, regardless.

Grant, oh spirits, thy protection. I reflect on why I am feeling vulnerable and what I might need protecting from, and how that protection might manifest. Courage is often key.

And in protection, strength, but what do I need to be strong for? What kind of strength, and how should it manifest? What do I need the strength to do?

And in strength, understanding. What do I need to understand in this situation? What might I better understand if I was feeling more sheltered, and thus feeling able to be more generous? Can I do that anyway?

And in understanding, knowledge. Knowledge is always good. Where are the holes in my knowledge? What might I have overlooked?

And in knowledge, the knowledge of justice. What would justice look like in this situation? What do I have to do to make that happen?

And in the knowledge of justice, the love of it, well, yes, and then we get into the love of gods and goddesses, of all existence, and all goodness. This causes the most pondering, because I don’t actually believe that unconditional love for all things is any kind of good idea. I reflect on where my heart is in the situation, what I love and what I do not, and why.

As I go through each line and reflect, my mind inevitably wanders around a lot. I have a nomadic mind, but the structure of the prayer pulls me back, over and over, to working through a deliberate series of thoughts. It calms me, and it improves my clarity. It reminds me that there is a sacred aspect to everything I do. It helps me to be more generous and less judgemental.

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4 responses to “Prayer and meditation

  • Sheila North

    Is The Gorsedd Prayer in “When a Pagan Prays”? I’ve not come across this before, it looks like one I could use in a similar manner.

    • Nimue Brown

      It is in there. it’s usually attributed to Iolo Morganwg, and I’ve run into various endings, plus people tend to tinker the first line, grant oh – god, gods, spirits….

      • angharadlois

        I found this really helpful. The Gorsedd prayer is something I keep coming back to (and shying away from). Learning to tweak it and make it heartfelt in my own way has been an interesting journey, which (ironically?) has taken me back to the sung form of the prayer, as I learned it at school in strictly un-pagan circumstances 🙂

  • Sheila North

    Okay, will look out for it, & consider possible revision. Cheers!

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