Hopeless Maine graphic novels, co-created with Tom Brown, published by Sloth Comics, available from UK book outlets. Magic, steampunk, gothic, whimsical…




















Pagan titles published by Moon Books and widely available around the world. More information here – 























Fiction titles widely available from shops and the internet.



















Self published books available from Etsy










Hunting the Egret






A gothic romance, set on the banks of the River Severn.

Beyond the Map – click to download your free pdf copy Beyond the map or buy the print version from





Click on the link for a free copy of my poetry collection Lost Bards and Dreamers, first published by Alpheratz Press (sadly now departed). There’s a great deal of Celtic and Druid inspired material here, poems written for rituals, and fragments of the journey. Alternatively, if you’d like it on paper, it’s now available from

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