Pagan Prays
When a Pagan prays, there are many uncertainties – who we pray to, what we pray for, and what might happen to us as a consequence. Not having the same structures as other religions, Pagans can’t frame prayer in the same ways, and our experiences are likely to be wilder and more personal. This book is both a wide ranging exploration of what prayer means in different faith and cultures, and a personal journey into a spiritual practice.


Spirituality without Structure


The only meaningful spiritual journey is the one you consciously undertake. One from the Moon Books Pagan Portals series: Small book, big ideas.




Intelligent Designing for Amateurs

A small steampunk riot, with comedy Druids, low speed chases, social archaeology and sinister mice.




An exploration of ancestry, Druidry and the stories we make about our lives. A book of healing and self-empowerment.




Hunting the Egret






A gothic romance, set on the banks of the River Severn.

Beyond the Map – click to download your free pdf copy Beyond the map or buy the print version from

Druidry and Meditation, published by Moon Books, is available from amazon and can be ordered through bookshops.

This book explores the relationship between Druidry, and meditation, from very simple, private practice to ritual and group applications.





Click on the link for a free copy of my poetry collection Lost Bards and Dreamers, first published by Alpheratz Press (sadly now departed). There’s a great deal of Celtic and Druid inspired material here, poems written for rituals, and fragments of the journey. Alternatively, if you’d like it on paper, it’s now available from

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