For me, Druidry is a Pagan religion. There are others who will instead call it a philosophy. Part of the joy of Druidry,  is the sheer diversity within it – annimists, polytheists, Christian Druids, atheist Druids, agnostic ancestor venerating Druids, reconstructionists, romantics, eco warriors… a glorious confusion, underpinned by spirit, passion and a love of nature.

Druidry is not just a way of marking the turn of the year or major life events, it’s an integral part of everyday life, informing how I see and interact with the world. My Druidry is all about inspiraiton and creativity, the celebration of beauty and nature, the quest for spirit, the complexities of relationship and the demands of service, honour and responsibility. My druidry is not the only kind out there, but there’s always more than one true way.

It is because I cannot hope to sum Druidry up in a few words that I am writing this blog. It’s an investigation into what it means to be a Druid. Inspired by personal experience, wandering in and out of philosophy, folklore, green living and anything else that occurs to me, it’s an ongoing, evolving expresison of what I understand Druidry to be. It’s also an opportunity to experiment, to float ideas and see how people react to them. Feedback on my posts is much appreciated.

I do not beleive that Druidry can be taught. It is all about experience, and no one can place that into another’s hands. It must be lived, walked, tasted, wept, laughed, sung and celebrated. What we can do is share tales from the journey and the tools that have helped us find out way. I have some links up to blogs I follow, if you want to share the journey and swap links, let me know and we’ll see if that works.

I’m always glad to hear from people, so if you have questions, or would like to see me tackle a subject, or explore a different angle on something – just leave me a comment.

In terms of influences and recomendations, I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from the following folk, and recommend their work. Brendan Myers, Kevan Manwaring, Ronald Hutton, Robin Herne, Cat Treadwell, Graeme Talboys, Philip Carr Gomm. I’m always looking for new authors to explore.

15 responses to “Druidry

  • Carol Atkins

    Hi Nimue, I was reminiscing today and dreaming of the twilight woods where we used to meet for ritual. I cherish the time I spent with you singing and your eyeball soup was something to remember. I think the singing helped with my confidence issue and last year I enrolled in an Aromatherapy Massage course. I love the essential oils. They’re so earthy and sensual. It’s a way of nurturing and healing. I always enjoy your writing and feel the magic that you convey when you talk about Druidry. It will be a part of me always because it doesn’t forbid or control and I find it wherever I search. My love and Blessings to you.
    Carol from Redditch x

  • risinghero

    My view is that experiences count far more than merely accepting what others tell us.Often the experience is far different from what we had thought it might be.Thats where the real wisdom begins.

  • Scott Tizzard


    I read 3 of your books; the last of which was “When a Pagan Prays”. Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and musings. The phrase, “as within; so without” frequently occurred to me as I flipped the pages.

    Enfold within
    Sea and sky
    Water well and dragon fire
    Brighid’s 3
    And Maiden’s 9
    Ceridwen knows reality lies
    Somewhere between mephisto’s stare
    And the Cheshire cat’s fading smile.

    Chinook Hills Grove (OBOD)

  • Mary Vinson

    Hello Nimue,

    I was raised Christian and Druid. My line have been Druids for several generations. I found your website by accident, but I am so glad I did! I find it hard sometimes to relate to a world I do not understand. I also don’t think the world understands me at times either.

    I honor all of the Druid holidays and rituals, as was passed down to me. I also practice my line’s spellcasting as well as being a powerful empath. To me there is nothing better than to be at home by myself with my trees and plants and blessed silence. I do like to help with healing, but I have to remove each deed done for the day to stop all of the anxiety and frustration that I help with.

    Being empathic makes it difficult at times to practice with any body other than family. So it’s nice to know there are people out there that I can reach out to.


    • Nimue Brown

      Hello Mary, good to meet you. There are a surprisingly large number of fellow travellers about, including a lot of Christian Druids – you might find Hedge Church interesting if you can track it down!

    • Scott Tizzard

      Hello Mary

      I am also an empath and a Druid. My mother’s family are Christian, but their original Irish family name is O’ Druachain. Irish for descendent of the Druid. I am rediscovering the Old Ways of my ancestors. Being an empath has been very useful for this discovery journey. Personally I follow an animistic path.

      There are many communities. Feel free to say hello anytime.

  • Caerlynn Nash

    … integral part of everyday life, informing how I see and interact with the world. My Druidry is all about inspiraiton and creativity, the celebration of beauty and nature, the quest for spirit, the complexities of relationship and the demands of service, honour and responsibility.

    I love this.
    I find druidry fascinating. Sometimes I think I might have been one in a previous life. 🙂 However, I’m currently researching it for a novel I’m writing and much of what I’m learning is precisely how I like to live my life. Keep up the great blog posts!

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  • eberis

    simply 4th Level druid of green acquisite work at home ecoPagan friendly

  • eberis

    I am accosted of druidism at The Druid Circle . Peace be with you .

  • eberis

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  • pennyreillyartistbeyondthegate

    Hi Nimue… we “know” each other from Facebook and today I “stumbled” upon you here via a reference on groves. Small world. .. hope all is well with you xx

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