About the Author

Aside from this blog, I write all manner of things, I have a lot of published books to my name, and will try pretty much anything if it looks interesting. I’m currently exploring whether I can make a space on Patreon to write more fiction. If you want to support me, I’m here – https://www.patreon.com/NimueB

Ponderer, singer of songs, teller of stories. Hill walker, daydreamer, editor, marketing person, occasional press officer on demand, reviewer Steampunk Folky and Green activist… I have a lot of hats.

I discovered Paganism in my late teens and Druidry in my early twenties. I’ve since been a Pagan Federation volunteer, completed the OBOD grades. I also helped out for a while at The Druid Network as well, these days I’m a member, just contributing the odd essay and review.

I was a founding member of west midlands Druid Gorsedd, Bards of the Lost Forest. During my decade in the west midlands I also ran meditation sessions, workshops, a closed ritual group and a folk club.

I’m now back in my native Gloucestershire, after a period of living on a narrowboat, I’m now in more conventional accommodation in Stroud. I live with my lovely and very Druidy husband, artist Tom Brown a fabulous tigerboy and a bucket of worms.

Tom and I are part of the local contemplative Druid group. I’m very much immersed in the vibrant life of Stroud and exploring bardic and Druidic things.

Some years ago, I wrote www.hopelessmaine.com – a webcomic illustrated by Tom. That’s going to re-published by Sloth Comics soon!
You can find me on twitter as Nimue_B and on facebook as Nimue Brown . I’m always happy to friend a pagan, green, folky, author or anyone else I have anything at all in common with.

If you would like to borrow a blog post to republish elsewhere, by all means do – just leave a comment and let me know. If you would like an article written specifically for your blog/magazine etc then email brynnethnimue at gmail dot com. If time permits, then I will normally say yes to such requests.

I review on Goodreads, for Spiral Nature and Pagan Dawn. I blog for Sage Woman and Moon Books as well as here. I do not currently attend events outside the UK, but do sometimes show up for things closer to home.

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