Briefly luminous

I’m not generally one for titles, but there’s something rather charming about being made a luminary for a day, and then quietly putting that title down again. A more fluid relationship with titles makes room for recognition, but doesn’t tie identity to role, and I think that has a lot to offer.

This isn’t a hypothetical sort of blogpost. Today I am featured over at which means that for a day they give me the title of ‘luminary’. It’s a nice word. I like luminous, with its implications of light giving and glowing. Today I am a shiny thing, but to be a luminary is to be one shiny thing amongst many, not an authority, not necessarily a standout.

I have not achieved this state by coming up with some world changing new insight or earth shattering revelation. I’ve talked briefly about giving yourself permission to fail, because in being willing to be less than perfect we give ourselves room to grow. Most of this week, I’ve been a long way short of perfect. I shall embrace my glow for a little bit, and then get back to the art of messing things up so that I can grow and change.

The site is full of people being briefly luminous, sharing their world view, their truth. It’s interesting to poke around in, so do swing over and have a read, and if you have a light to share, you can easily get involved.

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Druid, author, dreamer, folk enthusiast, parent, polyamourous animist, ant-fash, anti-capitalist, bisexual steampunk. Drinker of coffee, maker of puddings. Exploring life as a Pagan, seeking good and meaningful ways to be, struggling with mental health issues and worried about many things. View all posts by Nimue Brown

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