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Revenge Fiction

This year I was picked for the third time as a finalist in the Stroud Short Stories competition. As we’re in lockdown, it was entirely done online, so there is a video of me reading my story. It would be fair to say that the camera angle and lighting conspire to be less than flattering, but my voice is good, so I recommend just listening.

All the key details in this story happened, or came out of conversations with various men. Most of those conversations were personal, one was an interview with an actor. It may all seem a bit far fetched, but sadly it isn’t. The scenario is fictional, and so is the female character. I wish I was better in person at taking down this kind of thing, but I’m not. In some of these situations, I panicked, or went quiet, or didn’t know what to do.  I lived with the man who told me frequently how much he suffered for being so much cleverer than everyone else and who told me he felt lonely as a consequence.  It’s only in the last year that I’ve really questioned whether that was a fair thing to have been told…

Tree Love

I took a tree theme for this year’s inktober, although I didn’t manage an ink drawing every day. For the first time, I did the ink drawings without sketching in pencil first.


If you’d like to join me in supporting The Woodland Trust, visit https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/ 

Video poetry and the open road

This is a video I made recently. On the whole, Stroud isn’t too bad for traffic, compared to cities. However, the tailbacks in rush hour are long – certainly no rushing occurs! Walking past crawling cars is a frequent feature of my life. I think I get the better deal. How many people in these cars could have walked, or cycled to their destination?


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Videos for May

I made these two videos for the Pagan Federation online disabilities festival in May.

This first one I started much earlier in the year, charting the growth of the garlic – I haven’t got the final part of the process where it dies back.


This second video is a chant. I wrote it specifically for the event after Debi asked whether anyone could do one.