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Greener Christmas – buy wisely

If you are going to spend money on gifts, take it as an opportunity to introduce some sustainable thinking into other people’s lives. Buy well sourced, eco friendly things that don’t cause harm through their lives. This is a great time to get someone some palm-oil free hard shampoo in cardboard packaging, or a fruit tree for the garden, for example.

Buy fair trade and organic. Buy palm-oil free. Buy things that are made from re-cycled and upcycled materials. Buy from charities supporting the environment. Buy local things, with fewer miles of transport in their history.

Get the Woodland Trust to plant a tree in someone’s name. Details here – https://shop.woodlandtrust.org.uk/christmas

Buy from independent retailers, craftspeople, local artisans, and creators. Support your local community and the people who live and work in it, rather than sending money to the shareholders of some massive company. Pay what something is worth, rather than seeing how many knock down items you can get that were mass produced and whose environmental cost is never factored in.

How we spend our money is one of the ways in which we have real power, should we chose to use it.