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Seasonal silliness

My idea, Tom’s art, my mangling of a poem. Whatever you’re doing today, I hope it goes well for you. It’s not my festival, it may not be yours either. It can be a tough day for people who are alone, missing someone or otherwise struggling. I can’t offer much, but I can bring silliness, so here we are.

Tea Dragons

Those of you who also follow my other half, Tom, on facebook, will have seen a few tea dragons. If not, potter over to http://www.copperage.deviantart.com and view some there. It’s a work in progress, inspired by Lewis Caroll, Steampunk, tea and me havng a mind that, according to people who know these things, is much like how people think when they’ve been heavily involved with acid, mushrooms or both. The things I do sober, other people need chemical prompts for. This probably ought to worry me…

A is for Assam, a champion brew
B is for bones, crushed and mixed up with glue
C is for cups which we make from the bone,
D is for drinking, our tea skills we hone.
E is for Earl Grey, full of bergamot,
F for the forest where tea dragons go.
G is for gurning and grasping and grit,
H for the houses where we like to sit.
I is for igloo, which we can’t make from tea,
J is for Jasmine and jolly jelly.
K is for knitting which we don’t do at all,
L is for Lapsang and also for loll.
M is for mice, which are nice in a cake,
N is for not having a very good rhyme.
O is for Oolong, which is more Oo than oh,
P is for perseverance, not much longer to go.
Q s for something, who really cares what?
R is for redbush, and rabies and rot.
S is for sugar, so sweet and so good.
T is for trees, which you need, in a wood.
U is umbrellas, which have no bearing on tea,
V is for villains and vipers, oh glee!
W is for water, the key to a brew
X is a silly letter, I leave it to you.
Y is for yacht, and for why did I start?
Z is for zebras, who are stripy, and fart.

Now that’s my tea alphabet, silly and wrong
I’m sure you’ll forget it in not very long.