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Broken it already?

How many children’s toys don’t survive to the New Year? How many go into landfill, adding to the enormous amount of waste the UK generates around midwinter?

If you have broken toys to deal with, rather than putting them in the bin, why not see if there’s a Repair Cafe near you? https://repaircafe.org/en/

Repair Cafes operate all year round, and fix all kinds of broken things to keep them out of landfill. My local one ran a toy hospital before Christmas, and is doing a broken toy session again in January.

Broken toys are also an opportunity to play, create and mess about. If the toy is broken, it’s not a risky activity. You might be able to Frankenstein it into something new. If your kids are old enough to be unleashed, why not let them remake the broken things into new, fabulous, hideous designs? So much of what’s available to children is pre-imagined for them and connects to existing TV shows, so objects all too often come with their stories in place, narrowing the space for imaginative play. By turning broken toys into new toys, you give them a chance to create their own worlds.