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For the love of gothic islands

Back in 2010, Tom and I were contacted by some people who were making a web-tv series about a spooky island off the coast of Maine. Back then, www.hopelessmaine.com had been going for about a year as a webcomic, also featuring a spooky island off the coast of Maine. We eyed them up and concluded that we fictional gothic islands should stick together. And thus began a beautiful relationship.

Ragged Isle  is made of love and enthusiasm, a startling plot line, and wonderful people. It goes to show what truly amazing things can be done when you have great ideas and motivated people. You don’t need massive special effects budgets to tell a good tale. The whole story is now available to watch online, and I heartily recommend that you do just that thing.

People who look very closely may spot the Hopeless Maine orphan reading a book called Ragged Isle, and may also spot Hopeless Maine on a bookshelf in Ragged Isle. When book 3 of Hopeless comes out, you’ll see another tie in – we borrowed Ragged Isle’s Deputy Dan – Eric Moody – as a model for a character. And, in what isn’t that startling a coincidence, Tom’s son Cormac recently did the soundtrack for a short film Eric was staring in (more on that another day). We’ve formed friendships between the two islands, and I look forward to seeing what Eric Moody, Barry and Karen Dodd, Greg Tulonen, Rick Dalton and others get up to in the future. They’re a very talented bunch.