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Pumpkin Horror

I’ve been experiencing seasonal pumpkin horror for about a week now – ever since the massive boxes of massive pumpkins turned up in the supermarkets. I noticed today that many of the ones now revealed at the bottom are full of cracks and bruises. No one will buy those, and I expect they’ll go to landfill.

Of the ones that are bought, the majority I expect will be carved, used as decorations for an evening or two and then discarded. Some may go to compost or food recycling. Some will go in the bin.

I wonder how much land it took to grow them all, how much water, fertilizer, pesticides. I wonder how much energy it took to harvest them, what the food miles are on this edible decoration that mostly won’t be used for food. I wonder what could have lived if they hadn’t been grown.

I’m aware, because I’ve talked about this kind of thing before, that there are people who will see me as a miserable kill-joy. ‘It’s just a bit of fun’ is such a popular defence. One of the major problems with humans as I see it, is the way we feel entitled to our ‘fun’ and disinclined to look at the cost. As we drive other species towards extinction, our ‘bit of fun’ seems ever harder to justify or excuse.

If you feel the need for a pumpkin, hollow it out well and cook the innards and eat them. The flesh of a pumpkin is easy to cook and has a mild flavour. Toast the seeds and eat those too. What you can’t eat, put out for the wildlife because lots of things will cheerfully eat your pumpkin leftovers. Don’t put them in a bin to go to landfill, that’s the ultimate pumpkin horror.

Flowers and Balloons

IMAG0293Today I am that bit older. Last night I experienced the most dramatic thunderstorm. This morning I drew the bedroom curtains and discovered that Stroud was sending me balloons.

The picture fails to do justice to the soft, misty morning, and there’s just one balloon – they looked a lot bigger without the camera, and there were dozens, including a penguin shaped one. Best birthday balloons ever! And no storage/disposal issues either.

I have been up in a hot air balloon – for my 21st birthday. An amazing thing to do, it’s an adventure I hope to revisit some time.





Then, on the other side of the windowsill, there was this going on… during the night, my pumpkin had burst into IMAG0294bloom! We got it as a seed from Down to Earth, Stroud some weeks ago, and despite a life in captivity, it is doing well.  Next to it is my thyme plant, with the faerie garden door that the chaps got me. So much cute! (and now, it is the door into time) the third proto-triffid in this arrangement is a tomato plant, which came to stay last weekend and has tiny flowers on it already. Make plant friends… eat their babies.

I ave no idea why ore people don’t grow pumpkin flowers for their looks, though. It’s huge, vibrant, and it might lead to a pumpkin. What’s not to like?


Today also bought my first Transition Stroud volunteering job (much excitement) and promises cake, and the possibility of shared music. Life is good.