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Resisting 5G

There are some wild and alarming thoughts about the latest development in mobile phones out there. I honestly don’t have the scientific know-how to make much sense of it. I can say with confidence that I’d like to see a lot more counter-content from mobile phone companies reassuring us that they’ve done loads of testing and that everything will be fine. The absence of that is not reassuring. Queries so far have simply sent me back to the pro-5G content light pages on mobile phone websites.

I also asked my phone company about the impact on urban trees and they didn’t answer, which makes me think that this technology will indeed require the cutting down of urban trees.

There are some things I am sure about, however. Putting thousands of new satellites into space will have a massive carbon impact. Encouraging people to ditch their old phones to buy new 5G ones is not an environmentally friendly action. The carbon cost of making all the new phones will be high. In our state of climate crisis, I can’t see how we can afford 5G phones.

This is what happens when business is protected by law, and the right to make money is internationally upheld, while ecocide is not a thing. We need a radical rethink, such that a new product with such a high impact can’t happen anymore. More about ecocide here – https://eradicatingecocide.com/

And in the meantime, ask your phone provider (if you have one) what the estimated carbon cost of 5G is an how many urban trees they think will need to be cut down to facilitate it.