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Introducing The Pagan Voice

On the 5th of January 2013, http://www.paganliving.tv launched. I’ve been watching the run up to this new project with a great deal of interest and wanted to help spread awareness of something I think represents an important new development for Pagans around the world.

According to their blurb, The Pagan Voice will be a weekly news magazine that brings you a variety of news and information from a Pagan perspective. They were also listed by Llewellyn Worldwide and the Wild Hunt Blog as one of the 7 most important Pagan organizations to support. That’s no small endorsement.

As regular readers will know, I live on a boat and my internet access is pretty rubbish. I can’t reliably watch any kind of video, which means I’m not able to comment as yet on the actual content of the first program. It’s the principle of it that I want to talk about. Internet TV is very much on the rise. Like all other internet features, it puts power and opportunity into the hands of independent creators and ordinary people. The mainstream media is all about huge corporations, most of whom have some kind of political agenda. Pagan representation out there in the mainstream is frequently non-existent and still tends towards the freak show when it does happen. However, TV internet allows all kinds of productions to get a foothold, build an audience, and hopefully in the longer term will give us the stats to get alternative input at the big tables, in the big outlets and in the world. I’m watching this process with The Chronicles of Professor Elemental at the moment as well, and will talk about that in more detail some time soon.

Access to news, including the kind of news we hear and the spin put on it are all deeply political. Having a Pagan voice, and Pagan perspectives out there, in a way that people around the world can access, is really important. It’s often said that the victors write history. Well, history is being written and recorded every day, usually by someone else, and anything that gets more diversity, more compassionate, green and yes, Pagan voices into the mix has to be a good thing and needs support. We need alternative ways of seeing the world and different stories from the ones those in authority and in the media keep spinning for us. There is real power and potential in this.

Now, you can support ventures like this by giving them money, that’s always helpful. All small indy enterprises need cash, and if you have the funds to spare, go for it. However, audience itself is a powerful thing. Put your bum on a seat. Tune in. If you like what you see, share some links on, tell a friend, write a review for your local Pagan magazine. Word of mouth advertising is powerful stuff, so if you love something, talk about it, and if you want to see something happen, get out there and help get other bums on seats.

If you’ve got the kind of news that the Pagan community needs to hear about, this would be a very good place to take it to as well.

Druid News

Welcome to the first instalment of druid news. I’m hoping to make a regular feature of it.


A new Bard of Exeter

The competition to find the new Bard of Exeter was held last Sunday at the Bike Shed Theatre in Exeter. The event was hosted by the Grand Bard of Exeter Mark Lindsey Earley and current co-Bards Clive Pig and Jackie Juno, who last January came equal first in the yearly competition, and made history by sharing the title.

This year there were seven contenders for the title; poets, singers, musicians and storytellers who all performed for up to seven minutes and read out their manifesto to the audience, after which the audience voted for their favourite performer.

Exeter’s new Bard is Jon Freeman, who had a runaway win with voters’ numbers; quite the reverse of last year’s neck-and-neck result.



Imbolc for Little Ones

Author Siusaidh Ceanadach has a booklet out with Imbolc content for parents of young children, and a helpful explanation to wave at teachers. As many schools are inclusive and open to recognising the various faiths of their pupils (at least here in the UK) teachers can be very supportive of pagan children. The trouble is; they don’t tend to know a great deal about what might suit. Wading in as a parent and trying to squeeze in an explanation whilst fielding a rioting young person or two, is not the easiest option. This is a handy little text, great for working with the smallest pagans in an inclusive but not indoctrinating sort of way, and perfect for passing on to other adults in their lives – not just teachers.


Siusaidh has been distributing pdfs from her facebook account, but if you aren’t connected to her there, leave a message and I can pass it along.


Jackie Juno charity gig

The new Grand Bard of Exeter Jackie Juno has a gig on Friday 27 January at the Civic Hall, Totnes (UK) at 7.30pm.  It is a comedy cabaret raising funds for the South Hams Green Party and features Jackie, Matt Harvey (of Radio 4) and Clive Pig (my fellow co-Bard 2010-2011) with stand-up poetry, music and songs.








Share your news

If you want to get your news mentioned here, mail brynnethnimue (at) gmail (dot) com – short and sweet is good, by all means include links. Don’t send pictures, I have a hard time of it uploading anything big and complicated. I’m happy to include events, courses, book releases, new websites, new groups, things druids have been up to, or things you’ve spotted in the news that seem relevant to the druid community. Arty, crafty, musical or literary people with stuff to sell are welcome to present themselves if they can find a news angle. I’m not averse to personal news. No witchwars content, no conspiracy theories, no ‘I know a bloke who met this guy down the pub who said…’ tales. I’m looking for good news where possible. The mainstream does plenty enough of the miserable content already.