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The Arboridium – a review

The Arboridium is a beautiful new oracle set from Phil and Jacqui Lovesey, creators of the Matlock the Hare books. If you’re already a Matlock fan then you will fall happily into this world. If not, it will – as is usually the case with cards – depend a lot on how you feel about the art.

You can have a look at the set here – https://www.matlockthehare.com/arboridium

If you like charm and whimsy, if you want magic but would like something a bit less familiar, then this is an excellent set even if you haven’t read the books.

I use it less for divination, more for guidance. Like the previous White Hare Wisdom cards, these are stand-out as non judgemental. Each card represents an idea, an energy, a trajectory – and there isn’t a day when any of these cards wouldn’t be useful reminders to me of qualities I can work with or aspire to.  They are in many ways the perfect cards for people who aren’t into the woo-woo side of divination, but would like some enchantment and wisdom to add to their lives.

I have used many different oracle cards and divination methods at this point – not least because I had a few sets come my way as a reviewer a few years ago. I’ve come to the conclusion that life is challenging enough without also being challenged by oracle cards! What I benefit from most are the sets that uplift and encourage me, that inspire me and give me things I might use to overcome the daily challenges. I also like the way that in these cards there is a keen sense that it is perfectly fine to be messy, wrong, muddling along, a bit lost, a bit clottabussed (as the dale folk would say) – that this is all part of the rich tapestry of existence.

It’s nice having an oracle set that encourages you not to feel like you must magically know about every setback before it happens. It’s nice to explore divination gently, to feel ok about not knowing, and to have the future remain complicated and unpredictable.  It’s good to take a daily reminder of the tools I already have and the ones I would like to develop.

I heartily recommend this set.

You can buy the cards here – https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/782472915/the-arboridium-oracle-44-card-signed

The Magic of Nature Oracle

I tend to use oracles for meditative rather than divinatory purposes. I used to do a lot of divination, but I’m good at it, and obsessive, and frankly this is not a winning combination. I often end my day with an oracle card – I default to Philip Carr Gomm’s animal and plant oracles, but have recently been working with Sheena Cundy and Tania Copsey’s Magic of Nature Oracle.

It’s a charming set, which came to me in a really nice hessian bag, it immediately felt personal and accessible. There’s a folk art quality to the illustrations, which I liked, and the supporting book is pleasingly minimal and unobtrusive while giving you plenty enough to work with. It’s a fine balance to strike, because you don’t really want a thwacking great tome to deal with when divining or seeking the raw material for meditation, but you need enough. I think this set has that balance. The 39 cards offer a broad array of nature and concepts, the tone is overall positive and is more about taking you forward than telling you where you might be getting it wrong. It’s affirming to work with.

The nature represented in this oracle set is very British, and contemporary. Either you want to be British to use it, or have a desire to connect with the British landscape – if the UK is part of your blood ancestry, or the ancestry of your tradition, you could find this helpful.

As a tool I think it also has value for teaching/study purposes. Someone new to their Paganism and trying to work out how to connect to nature might well find this set very useful. It would easily open the way to deeper working and wider study, and being an affirming experience, is a good place to start. It would help a student see relationships between themselves and the natural world and start a journey towards a greater feeling of connectedness.

I also think it would be a great thing to give to younger Pagans. It’s as safe to use as anything ever gets, and again that building of relationships with the natural world is a great grounding for the interested young proto-pagan. The gentle, natural imagery is unlikely to frighten nervous parents, and it gives a young seeker something good to be working on. I know that not teaching younger Pagans is often considered the best solution, but they will (I know, I have been around this) run off and explore anyway, unsupported. I’m constantly on the lookout for good things to put in young people’s hands to help them progress without making them vulnerable, and this will be going on my recommendation list.

You can find out more, or order sets from themagicofnatureoracle.com/ and find out more about Sheena (who has a book coming out later this year) at craftycrones.org