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The Druid Garden – a review

Luke Eastwood’s The Druid Garden brings together spirituality, philosophy, sustainability and gardening. It’s a timely title that many people may find helpful. If you’ve taken up gardening in response to lockdowns, the inspiration in this book may be exactly what you need. It’s unusual to see so much tree content in a book on gardening, and that’s going to strike some chords with Druid readers.

You can buy copies from places that sell books, and also get it directly from the author’s website – https://lukeeastwood.com/books/the-druid-garden

Luke is perhaps best known for his Druid’s Primer – a well received book that brings together the ancient material on Druidry currently available to it.

Even though I don’t have a garden, I found it a good and interesting read and it gave me a lot of ideas about the garden I one day hope to have. I think it’s a really good example of a way in which we can bring druid philosophy to modern activities in a meaningful way.

I’m by no means an impartial reviewer – Luke approached me for an endorsement ahead of publication, we share a publisher (Moon Books) and I am his publicist. However, I don’t ever review books I didn’t like, and I don’t do publicity for people unless I like their work.

How to Save the Planet – a review

How to save the Planet is a small book by Luke Eastwood. Luke is an established Druid author, and while the content here is unequivocally suitable for Druids and Pagans, the book is not written specifically for us. It’s written for people who want to do something and don’t know where to start or what would be best.

This is a no-nonsense, no punches pulled ten step guide to living in a way that is viable for the planet. It’s full of interesting bits of information about what kinds of impact different activities have, their history, their place in our culture and how the alternatives work. It’s all very readable and digestible.

Given the subject matter, this is surprisingly comfortable reading. There’s no blaming or shaming for your average, ordinary person, just clarity about where we are and what has to change. The lifestyle changes Luke calls for are reasonable and realistic. They aren’t going to be easy or comfortable for everyone, but, we are long past time for people who have more than they need taking more than the planet can afford. If you are one of those people and this message makes you feel uncomfortable… get over yourself. That’s all there is.

I think the best way to use this book is as follows – buy a copy for someone who needs to make lifestyle changes. It’s not an expensive book and it is raising money for Greenpeace. It may be the ideal Yule/Christmas gift for the annoying uncle who won’t stop flying places, or the sibling who sees fuel guzzling cars as a status symbol, and so on and so forth.

If you’re feeling weary and overwhelmed and are not coping with the emotional impact of the climate emergency, this book may also be for you. It has a clear message about what you can most usefully be doing. Reading it and finding you’re well ahead on that ten point list is, I can promise you, an affirming and encouraging experience. It’s so easy to end up feeling like your personal action isn’t enough – when so much of this does boil down to personal action and how we shape the culture we are part of.  So, buy a copy, read it, give yourself the opportunity to feel like you’re doing ok with this stuff, and then pass the book along. Author Luke Eastwood is actively encouraging people to share copies and hand them on, so do that. Put it in the hands of someone who needs it – either to affirm what they’re already doing, or to encourage them to get stuck in!

This book is widely available from places that sell books, so check out your online seller of preference or see if your local bookstore will get it in for you. Here’s the Book Depository link https://www.bookdepository.com/How-How-Save-Planet-Luke-Eastwood/9781527245983