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Free Ebooks

As of now, my self-published books are going onto Ko-fi (which has just started an online shop facility.

You can pick up any of those ebooks for free. There is a pay what you like option should anyone feel so moved. It’s totally fine not to – if money is in short supply, have these with my blessings. I’m in a workable place economically, so if you aren’t, please take the freebie option.


If you are more comfortable, please consider chucking a few pennies in the hat. It means I get more time to work on this sort of thing and have to spend less time chasing paying gigs for other people. I don’t talk much about what I do for cash so sometimes people assume I’m just swanning about living the authoring dream. I do a monthly community newsletter and run multiple Facebook pages and Twitter accounts for regular work. When we’re allowed to have events, I do front of house work. I proof read and do book promotion. At one point a couple of years ago I was working 7 different jobs and it was tough. This is fairly normal for people trying to do creative work.

If everyone who subscribed to the blog threw a dollar a year my way, the impact on my life would be huge. If everyone threw me a dollar a month, I’d be able to afford to get a mortgage and buy a large house. The flat is small and doubles as a workspace and has no garden, and I dream of being able to have a garden. But there we go – it’s good to dream. It is worth bearing in mind if you are making small donations to, or purchases from creative people, it might not seem like much, but the impacts can be huge. As is always the way of it, enough people doing small things can change a great deal.

I give work away because I want to, and because I get things out of writing and blogging and being read. But, my energy is finite. I’m always going to do the best I can with the resources available to me, but that often isn’t as much as I want to be able to do.

Video poetry and the open road

This is a video I made recently. On the whole, Stroud isn’t too bad for traffic, compared to cities. However, the tailbacks in rush hour are long – certainly no rushing occurs! Walking past crawling cars is a frequent feature of my life. I think I get the better deal. How many people in these cars could have walked, or cycled to their destination?


This video first went out a few weeks ago on Patreon. Supporters there regularly see work from me before anyone else, and get things that are otherwise unavailable. Being on Patreon has made a huge difference to me – it keeps me writing, and filming, and has stopped me giving up on creative work. If you like this blog and want to support me, please consider wandering over – https://www.patreon.com/NimueB

Or, if you’d like to make a one off donation rather than signing up to anything, I also have a kofi account – Ko-fi.com/O4O3AI4T 

I want to keep making a lot of what I do freely available to people. I am aware that many people are struggling at the moment, and if that’s you, please know that I am deeply invested in giving you stuff at no cost.

If you are someone who can afford to support creators (me, or anyone else) please know that it always makes a difference to moral and viability. A small monthly sum on a site like Patreon can mean the difference between paying bills, and not paying bills. You are also helping supply people who cannot afford to pay for content, with things to read, study and be inspired by. That’s pretty awesome. Thank you.