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Imagine a World…

Imagine if the work we did was primarily about making sure everyone had all of their basic needs met. Imagine if wellbeing was considered more important than profit.

Imagine how we’d live if we gave high priority to sustainability and the viability of the planet. If we took no more than the planet could support and shared that out equally, what would have to change?

Imagine how life would be if we all considered exploitation to be disgusting, and those who took far more than they needed were treated as failures, rather than being celebrated? What would happen if the most socially reinforced expression of wealth was giving away what you didn’t need?

Imagine how differently politics would work if the main priority was that everyone be happy and healthy. Imagine what would change if that was more important than ideas about who deserves what. Imagine what it would mean if being alive was enough to qualify you for care and respect.

Imagine if we valued green spaces and wild things and did not require them to directly benefit us in some way. Imagine what would happen if we considered beauty important in a way that wasn’t about selling products.

Imagine what life would be like if you had the leisure time, energy and resources to do whatever interested you. What would you do? Does it in any way resemble what you are doing now? Imagine what would happen if you lived in a society where the priority was to have the most enriching personal experiences. Imaging what would happen if we agreed that living a peaceful and fulfilling life should be the most important goal, individually and collectively.

Imagine getting to live in the way that would make you happiest, and being entitled to figure out what that meant so long as what you were doing didn’t compromise anyone else’s scope to live a happy life.

Now ask why we don’t do any of that.