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Winter Fungi

I am usually most alert to fungi in the autumn, but they appear all year round and this winter has brought me some gorgeous tree fungi.

These are wonderfully velvety. I also love the brightness of the moss. Apparently having a lot of things growing on trees is a sign of rainforest, and you can get cold, deciduous rainforest in the UK.

Light passing through the body of a fungi

Growing in the crook of a tree! Again I loved how these were catching the light, and the contrast with the bark and ivy.

Fungi and Community

I recently watched this charming documentary, and can recommend doing so if you get a chance.

Fungi are wonderful and for anyone interested in the natural world. The way in which they interact with other forms of life will be resonant for Druids. We have been talking for decades about the web of life and the interconnectedness of all things. We’ve talked about it as a magical concept. Fungi are the physical embodiment of this idea, they are the network connecting life.

One of the concepts from this film is that cooperation is basically how reality works. The script includes observations about the importance of community, and identifies community as an inter-species thing. It offers us more than human co-operation. There were words about the generosity of nature, and about living beings working together cooperatively for mutual benefit.

It comforts me to think that cooperation isn’t just intrinsic to human success, but also is fundamental to how life exists. It means that the people pushing the other way, towards competition and cruelty, are simply wrong. Reality won’t change to let them have it their own way. Collaboration shapes life, and people can either engage with that to their benefit, or not. We won’t be able to make selfishness into the driving force of existence.