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Pagan Pilgrimage

I have a new project under way that might be of interest. I’m going to be writing a small book about Pagan Pilgrimage, taking slightly over a year to write a chapter a month. This will initially be available to anyone who supports me on Patreon at the Bards and Dreamers level, or higher (Steampunk Druids and Glass Herons also get this content).

My Patreon is https://www.patreon.com/NimueB 

When the book is finished I’ll do an ebook version and give it away to anyone who wants a copy. This is part of the whole logic of how and why I use Patreon. Not everyone can afford books, and I believe in gift economy. If the people who can afford to support me chuck in a few dollars here and there, it makes life easier for me. Writing takes time, and it’s difficult doing that alongside other work – which I have done for many years. Writing also doesn’t pay well and success in the writing profession does not usually equate to enough money to live on.

Over on Patreon, I put up content every week. Join as a Small Thing for one pound sterling a month, and get content twice a month. Join as a Pocket Sized Dustcat and you’ll get otherwise unavailable fiction once a month as well. Bards and Dreamers get everything the Small Things get, plus one substantial piece of Druid content a month. To get both the fiction and the Druidry, join as a Steampunk Druid, and to get all of that plus physical books and other goodies four times a year, join as a Glass Heron.

If you’d like to grab one of the free books previously made feasible by Patreon, you can hop over to my ko-fi shop and help yourself. There are poetry collections, three novels and a Druidry book all in ebook form. https://ko-fi.com/O4O3AI4T/shop Pay what you like – which means feel free to pay nothing. If you like what I do with this blog and want to drop some coins in the hat, that’s also an option on Ko-Fi and I do really appreciate it. 

The Pagan Pilgrimage book will be exploring ideas about sacredness in the landscape, and my thinking on what pilgrimage can mean for a Pagan. Walking has been central to my Druidry for many years, but in the last two years assorted illness has really limited me physically and broadened my perspective in other ways. I have the book planned out, but Patreon is an interactive sort of space and it means people who engage with me there can get involved with shaping the content if they so desire.

At some point later in the year I will be releasing Druidry and the Darkness – an ebook made possible by this process of writing for Patreon. I’ll post about that specifically when it’s available and that too will be free in ebook form for anyone who wants it.

Adventures in Poetry

I’ve written poetry since childhood. Child me was very much a nature poet. Teenage me wrote a lot of angsty emotional stuff – which wasn’t that original of me, but there we go. The habit of using poetry for catharsis and processing stayed with me. These days I try to work it into something another person might find interesting or entertaining before I put it in front of anybody.

For some years, my writing poetry has depended a lot on having an audience for it. I put the odd poem on here, and there’s one on Patreon most months. I was at my most prolific as a poet when I had a local, monthly poetry event to go to. There’s nothing like the promise of an audience to focus my thoughts and get me interested in writing. Making people laugh is deeply attractive to me. Just occasionally I managed to spellbind hard enough to get deep silence in response to my words, and I find that highly rewarding, too.

Of course lockdown meant there were no poetry events to go to. I rapidly discovered that Zoom events with more than a couple of people stressed me to the point of malfunction, so while there was a big online poetry scene during the pandemic, I wasn’t part of it.

I’m currently in the process of reviewing the poetry I’ve written in the last two years, to see if I can make a viable collection out of it. When I’ve pulled it together, people on Patreon will get first dibs, and then later in the year I’ll put it in my ko-fi store – https://ko-fi.com/O4O3AI4T/shop – where I already have a number of ebooks, and two poetry collections. You can pick any of those books up for free, or pay what you want. I’m a firm believer in gift economy, so if you have limited resources, please help yourself to the free stuff with my blessing.

If you have resources, throwing a few coins in the hats of creators you like is a really good choice. It makes a lot of odds. It doesn’t have to be my hat – if you’re able to support other creators then that’s entirely cool so far as I’m concerned. I also benefit from other creators being able to afford to keep going.

Fiction in lockdown

On the whole I was not super-productive during lockdown. I was highly stressed and anxious and my concentration during those long bouts of not being allowed to see people, was dire. However, I’ve been self employed for most of my adult life, so I already know how to work from home and how to manage myself without any external input. Things like getting dressed and remembering to move about weren’t so hard for me, so in some ways I had a better time of it than many.

During the first lockdown, I accidentally wrote a book. I didn’t set out to write a book, not least because I never imagined we’d be locked down for so long. But, I wanted something to focus on and to share with friends, and so the Wherefore project was born. In the first few months of UK lockdown I recorded three episodes a week for youtube – with support and input from friends who both offered ideas and responded to what I’d put out.

As lockdown eased, I kept going, dropping from three episodes a week to one or two. By the summer there was a book’s worth of material, but I hadn’t run out of ideas. Which was as well as we went into winter lockdown and I needed to distract myself. 

As a result I now have three books worth of material – silly and speculative fiction set around the Stroud area. I’ve just finished the third series. I may well do more episodes here and there but I’m not going to continue doing them regularly as there’s just too much else I need to be working on.

You can find all 3 series on youtube, and I’ve got pdf versions of series one and two – the third pdf will be along as soon as I can get it sorted.

Series 1 https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLd-6bmI3UuPDjEp1YqIYY6GkVTmG-1qux


Series 2 https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLd-6bmI3UuPAxwnLOB4MzVJwba0wavMYG


Series 3 https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLd-6bmI3UuPDMpi5gY_L1KRrzTQDnQMhp

Free Books

For some time now, I’ve been giving away pdfs of my self-published work. As many of you have followed the blog since I started doing that, you may not have seen all of these and you might want to get in for them.

At present I have 4 pdfs in my ko-fi store. They’re ‘pay what you like’ and it is totally fine not to pay anything if you are short of money. if you want to drop something in the hat that’s lovely and it helps me stay viable while giving work away, which is a win all round I think.

First Image

Mapping the Contours – poetry with strong landscape themes. https://ko-fi.com/s/8e7caa2cfc

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Druidry and the future – non-fiction https://ko-fi.com/s/6f6d37772a

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How to Unpeel a monster -poetry with themes of identity and being unacceptable https://ko-fi.com/s/6c04e1cb8c

First Image

Wherefore series 1 – daftness, animism, magic, https://ko-fi.com/s/2241a51430