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Wherefore – a free book

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Wherefore was my lockdown sanity project in 2020. With prompts and supports from a number of good friends, I set out to write a barmy soap opera. Wherefore is set around the valleys of Stroud, and in it the area is populated with wizards and shapeshifters, as well as the performance artists and bemused poets it would be reasonable to expect.

There’s a mix of whimsy and seriousness. There’s a great deal of animism in the mix. Mostly my aim with this work is to amuse and comfort people. I am still somewhat surprised to find I can write about a novel’s worth of material in about six months as well as doing other things. I was incredibly prolific in my twenties, but I’ve slowed down a lot since then.

I’ve been doing this as youtube episodes – they average at about 7 minutes a shot, on the basis that many of us had no concentration to speak of last year. At the end of each series, the text gets polished up and released as a pdf – these are free, on the grounds that the videos are also free.

I finished series 2 a while back, and initially released the pdf version to my Patreon supporters. Now it’s going out into the wider world. You can pick up a copy here – https://ko-fi.com/s/1eb07c4561

If you haven’t read series 1, it makes sense to get that first – which you can – https://ko-fi.com/s/2241a51430

And as for the youtube versions, 

Series 1 is complete –  https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLd-6bmI3UuPDjEp1YqIYY6GkVTmG-1qux

Series 2 is also complete – https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLd-6bmI3UuPAxwnLOB4MzVJwba0wavMYG

Series 3 is in progress and I expect to wrap it up in October 2021 – https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLd-6bmI3UuPDMpi5gY_L1KRrzTQDnQMhp

Wherefore Series 1

Wherefore started life as a youtube project with me doing episodes as videos a couple of times a week. You can find series 1 over here – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLd-6bmI3UuPDjEp1YqIYY6GkVTmG-1qux

This is fairly silly, speculative fiction. it does have some serious themes around extinction, climate crisis, and re-enchantment, but i figure it makes more sense to tackle the hard stuff by making people giggle. It’s a collective project and I am especially indebted to Mr Bob Fry (later to become Professor Bob Fry in series 2) and Robin Treefellow Collins, for ideas and contributions.

Wherefore series 1 now exists as a pdf and you can pick it up for free in my Ko-Fi store. Or you can pay, if you like. I believe in gift economy, I like giving things away and I don’t want ability to pay to ever be a barrier for anyone. So, the youtube version is there to be enjoyed, the pdf version is equally free. If you’re in a good place economically and want to pass something back, that’s lovely, and thank you.


Free Book!

Yesterday I managed to put together the new poetry anthology. It’s an overtly Bardic/Druidy bit of work, unshockingy, and it’s now on the books page as a free pdf download. https://druidlife.wordpress.com/books/ If you missed the first freebie book, that’s also on there – Lost Bards and Dreamers, so do pick up both if you haven’t.

There isn’t a huge paying market for poetry. I think there may be a number of reasons for this – the book market in general isn’t thriving, and poetry was always at the quiet end anyway, until you get back to the likes of Byron and Tennyson who apparently could shift copies. I think this is a bit self perpetuating – people don’t read poetry because aside from the old classics, it mostly isn’t there to buy in the first place, it isn’t much talked about either. ‘Poetry’ so often means the scribbling of angst laden teens, or the trite rhyming glops you get in greetings cards. Neither of those tend to advertise poetry as a thing you might want to engage with. I had a lot of good feedback about the first collection, so am offering this one in the same way, as an expression of my Druidry, freely shared.

What I’m inviting you to do is to own (electronically) and read a poetry collection. For free. Just to see how you get on. I figure if more poetry gets read, then the odds of poetry becoming something people will pay money for, increases.

Beyond the Map was created over about three years of enormous upheaval in my life, as my first marriage broke down entirely, my relationship with Tom went from impossible dream to tangible reality, I returned to the landscape of my childhood… so many things changed for me. I’ve been through a total reimagining of self. Several of the journeys involved in the collection I’m going to talk about over the next couple of days, there being enough to say to make individual blog posts worthwhile.
Poetry is an amazing focus for so many things. Fiona Tinker has written a fabulous book on how to use it for pathworking. Poetry as protest, as evocation, or curse are also considerations. The poetry teacher who most influenced me, Dave Ashbee, used to say that it’s not enough to bleed onto the page, you have to scrape it up and turn it into something. Out of pain can come incredible beauty. Out of suffering comes meaning and insight, and poetry can crystallize these things into the clearest, most intense forms.

On the poetry side, I have varied influences. E e cummings and Mary Oliver, the metaphysical poets, especially George Herbert’s religious work. Blake, a whole host of strange, impressionist poets from 20th century America, read in ones and twos, startling and bright.

Cover art is the work of my lovely Tom, and represents a crane. Not so many years ago I was singing Damh the bard’s song with the chorus ‘The crane the wolf, the bear and the boar no longer dwell upon these shores…’ the boar are back, and the reintroduction of cranes has been a huge source of hope and inspiration for me. All things can change.
There’s a paper version if you do have the urge to buy a hardcopy, along with Lost Bards and Dreamers http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/NimueBrown

Free Druid Book

If you have a look at https://druidlife.wordpress.com/books/ – the page I’ve just added, you’ll find not only a pointer towards the Druidry and Meditation book, but also a poetry collection, which you can download for free. One of the reasons I am giving it away, is that it’s unspeakably hard to get poetry published, much less to find a paying market. This saddens me a considerable amount, but I feel the sharing is more important to me than the being paid for it.

Lost Bards and Dreamers has a lot of history around it. It was published for a while by Alpheratz Press, which did not survive as a house, sadly. Another long story there, but it isn’t mine to tell. Most of the poems were written for someone, or for a specific occasion. There were people I was teaching about Druidry, and sharing poems seemed to be a good way of doing that. There were also lines written for my child. Some of the poems from my ogham inspired collection landed here too.

While there’s some experimenting with form and structure, much of it is free verse, because I enjoy that more.

The cover was created for me by Tom Brown, my other and better half. It coincides with the transition from being working partners, to being romantically involved. The purple poppy design came first, and had been intended as a tattoo (still not had that done, maybe one day!). It’s the same image that I use on this blog, and the blog header comes from this book cover too.

The Lost Bards of the title, referred to Bards of the Lost Forest, the bardic gorsedd I was heavily involved with for some years. My fellow bards there were a huge inspiration to me, and I wanted to reflect that in my work.

I’m on the credits for this one as Brynneth Nimue – another sign of transition, moving away from the associations of the old surname, but not yet at the point of knowing I would take Tom’s name. We weren’t even in the same country even.

I’ve always written poetry. As a child I churned out that kind of fluffy, lightweight, observational stuff you might expect. I moved into the teenage angst years, with poetry as therapy. Gradually I became interested in trying to write something other people might want to read. I went through exactly the same process with prose, only quicker. There is only so much time you can spend writing fiction that is based on the self, before it gets painfully dull. Poetry is the same. It has to do more than bleed and vent. It has to take the bleeding, howling and flailing, the mess, and tease it out into something…. More.

If people like this one, I may collect up material I have on my hard drive and put together a second book, again with a view to giving it away.