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Druid for sale

If you find this post about the time it was written, then Druidry and Meditation is still on sale in ebook form. A mere 99p on the English Kindle site  or $1.65 on the American site. Otherwise, console yourself with a freebie! More of that later…

Druidry and Meditation offers a range of creative, and engaging approaches to meditation, looking at how it impact on body, and mind as well as the spiritual dimensions. There are guides to creating your own meditations and there’s information about group work, and meditation in ritual. There is also a paper version.

My other Druid title, Druidry and the Ancestors is also available from all the sorts of places you might normally buy books.  This is the amazon.com link if you get the urge to have a look. Ancestors are an uncomfortable subject for many people, and for Pagans there are all kinds of extra complexities. Not least, most of us have a lot of non-Pagans between us and our Pagan ancestors. This is very much a book about the stories we tell of our ancestors and how those stories inform our lives. At least, that’s what I was aiming for!  It’s not a how-to sort of book, more a selection of ideas to play with.

I have a smaller and broader book, in the form of Spirituality without Structure – amazon uk link this time. This is very much a tiny book with big ideas, exploring the difference between religion as a social structure, and spirituality as personal experience. It’s written primarily for people who are trying to carve out their own path – so often the way of it for Pagans. It’s a book of approaches, no dogmatic how-tos, just questions to ask and things to consider that might spare a person from re-inventing the wheel.

Then with my other, far less serious hat on, there’s quite a bit of fiction out there too. Intelligent Designing for Amateurs  is a bit of a Steampunk riot. There are comedy Druids – mostly inspired by the crazy revival folk, so if you’ve been a bit depressed by our actual ancestors of tradition and need a giggle, this one may be for you. Other fictions also exist, if you poke around in my amazon stuff there is also Hunting the Egret and a bundle of short stories.

Hopeless Maine is a gothic graphic novel series I do with my other half. It’s Tom’s work adorning the blog, including the cover for Druidry and the Ancestors. If you’d like to explore the world of Hopeless freely, then www.hopelessmaine.com has the first two books in webcomic form. For more Tom Brown, you can check out his deviant art page.

Finally, if you’d like some poetry, saunter over to this bit of Druid Life  and there are two poetry collections – Beyond the Map and Lost Bards and Dreamers which are free to download as pdfs.