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Bardic Chairs, the final installment

As far as I know, this is the last video in the series Mark Lindsey Earley has made for Druid Life. Huge thanks for this, Mark.

The next installment of The Bardic Chair Tradition Demystified

Another fine video from Mark Lindsey Earley exploring the modern bardic chair movement.

The Bardic Chair Tradition Demystified

Here’s the next Bardic Chair video from Mark Lindsey Earley.

Mark Lindsey Earley on Bardic Chairs

Today I have a guest vlog rather than a blog!

I met Mark Earley Lindsey online some years ago through our shared interest in the bard path. He’s been developing a youtube channel and I asked if he wanted to share anything via this blog. Amazingly, he’s started recording a series, which I’m rather excited about. Here’s the first one which is as much an introduction to Mark as to bardic chairs.



Mark’s Youtube channel is here – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJDe9uAqfePlcc0s8iEB82g – where you can find a wealth of videos on bardic and other issues.


While I tend to be writing orientated, I’m always open to guest content in any form.

Bard of Exeter

The City of Exeter Calls for a New Bard

Sunday 15 January, The Bike Shed, Fore Street,  Exeter , 7pm, Entry £3.00

Jackie Juno and Clive Pig, outgoing joint holders of the title “Bard of Exeter” (or, more formally- the Bardic Chair of Caer Wyse) will be hosting the ultimate bardic competition to find their successor.

Based on records dating back at least two hundred years,Exeteris one of approximately 30 ancient locations that have the right to elect their own Bard or “Bardic Chair” each year. The Bard of Exeter by tradition holds the post for a year and a day, before inviting challengers to succeed her/him in turn.

The call is out for contenders to compete for the chair, robes and position in a head to head competition taking place at Exeter’s Bike Shed venue from 7pm.  Spectators are encouraged to come and support the challengers and will be given the opportunity to vote for the winner.


As outgoing Bards- Clive and Jackie will be hosting the competition, along with founder and Grand Bard- Mark Lindsey Earley. Mark will be handing over the role of Grand Bard, traditionally a seven year post which carries the responsibility of maintaining the continuity of the bardic chair as it passes to different candidates each year. Mark will take on the ceremonial role of Patron.


Clive and Jackie made bardic history last year when they both tied in the competition, and having worked successfully together in the past posed the idea of a joint Bardship. This met with the approval of the outgoing and Grand Bard, and the gathered assembly and so Exeter had a year of having two bards for the price of one!


Jackie says, “After an eventful year as co-Bard I look forward to hosting the competition to find Exeter’s new Bard. Last year the standard of performance was exceptionally high and made for a fascinating and hugely entertaining night out – I can only suspect this year will be the same!”


Entrants need to prepare a two-hundred word manifesto, stating how they intend to use the role for the tradition, the city and local poetry/arts. They will also be invited to perform an original self-penned poem or song, within a seven-minute slot. To register, contact Jackie on 01626 835802 or by email at jackiejuno@yahoo.co.uk




For more information on the wider Bardic Movement and the Bardic Chair and Gorsedd  of Caer Wyse: marklindseyearley@yahoo.co.uk


For more information about Clive Pig please visit his websitewww.clivepig.co.uk





I first encountered the bardic chair stuff through Kevan Manwaring’s Book of the Bardic chair – highly recommended reading for anyone with the urge to set one up. I believe there are a few dotted around the UK, and I for one would love to see more.


I’m very happy to carry this kind of news, so if you have something to share, do get in touch. There’s usually a day each week when I don’t manage to find inspiration for a blog, so, there’s always room and I like to help spread the word about good things, where I can.