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Seeing the future

One of the best tests of any information source is how well it predicts the future. This might seem obvious when thinking about divination, but it applies to all forms of knowledge. I think this is highly relevant at the moment as we have so many beliefs and opinions dominating conversations. I remember when the idea of the UK leaving the Single Market and Kent becoming a lorry park were labelled ‘project fear’ only now that seems to be happening…

Predicting the future is of course a tricksy business, and the future is full of surprises. No one really predicted this virus malarkey. However, the international vulnerability to a pandemic was known – the way we travel, the lack of joined up thinking between countries and the way we invade wild spaces where new diseases are lurking, were all known factors suggesting a particular trajectory.

The thing to watch for is how close your knowledge gets you to being able to make useful predictions. If your knowledge source doesn’t take you in roughly the right direction, what you’ve got isn’t knowledge, it’s a belief, an opinion, a fantasy. When you’re really invested in something that doesn’t match up with reality, putting it down can be really hard.

When it comes to prayer, and magic there may be other factors to consider. Are you getting what you asked for, or are you getting what you need? What time frames are you working on? Do you need more practice? In fact that practice question is pertinent across all areas – if you’re trying to study the world in a rational way to predict what will happen, that also requires skills and knowledge and it may take you time to get it right. Knowing where to push to make the changes you want is a big part of getting anything done, and that might not be apparent at first.

There’s a lot to be said for cross-referencing between different kinds of knowledge. Intuition certainly isn’t an irrational source – we take in far more information than we can consciously process, so what rises up from intuition can be a consequence of processing information. The trick is telling between intuition, wishful thinking and fear. Here again the cross referencing helps because information from other sources can clarify which is which, and over time you can build a  better sense of what is emotional reaction and what is processed information.

Misguided beliefs and opinions don’t allow us to make good predictions. The longer we hold on to  them, the more distorted our relationship with reality becomes. That means having to create ever more complicated stories to explain why what we ‘know’ and perceived reality aren’t matching up. That way lies madness. However unsettling it is to put down a belief, it can be far better to do so than to build layer upon layer of cognitive dissonance. There should be no shame in making mistakes or trying things that don’t work – the important bit is knowing when to give up on an experiment in light of the evidence it generates.

Sweet Darkness

This is a lovely piece about darkness. I love Potia’s work, she’s a wonderful person and an inspiring Druid, do check out her blog.

Musings of a Scottish Hearth Druid and Heathen

Sweet Darkness will you hold me?
Let me rest in your embrace?
The day is harsh and painful
Please hide my tear streaked face.

Gentle Darkness will you hold me?
Let me feel your soothing touch?
My heart is sore, my head is full,
I need your peace so much.

I know that I can find you
When the moon has gone away.
In star lit skies I see you
Until the break of day.

Now dawn begins Her journey
She starts to paint the sky.
Sweet Darkness I must leave you
For in daylight you are shy.

And I must walk in sunlight
Beneath the painful glare,
Where other people judge me,
But some of them still care.

Gentle Darkness I will find you
When day retreats from night.
I’ll rest within your presence,
Find strength again to fight.

By Potia

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#AmReading Poetry: How To Unpeel A Monster by Nimue Brown

My hope with any piece of writing is that will touch someone else, help, or lift or encourage them in some way. getting reviews like this is, quite simply, what keeps me creating and feeling there is a point to what I do.

CM Rosens is a fantastic author who writes about monstrosity in a way that I find deeply resonant. There is comfort in not being the only monster, in knowing there are others who are also too much and too difficult and whose scales, teeth and claws are not socially acceptable. So, here is a review of How To Unpeel a Monster, and a recommendation to hop over and look at the blog as a whole, there’s wonderful stuff there.

C. M. Rosens

How to Unpeel a Monster

How to Unpeel a MonsterHow to Unpeel a Monster by Nimue Brown
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A brilliant anthology that deeply resonates with me. I just got this and spent yesterday curled up crying with it for a while because some of the poems here really connected and expressed things I have been trying to get at within myself, and isn’t that what poetry and art is for?

Nimue Brown has a strong, relatable voice with a lot to say that’s worth saying. The anthology goes through facets of life and personality, covering mental health, politics, community, spirituality, relationships and the essence of interpersonal connection, ageing and more. I think this is one I’ll be returning to a lot.

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Take off a skin. Take down a defence.
Take a risk, trust a little.
Soften that hard, uncompromising hide.
Take off the skin that…

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Review: The Burnt Watcher

There’s something entirely wonderful about people I like finding each other through books. Books are, in fact, magic.

The Catbox

The Burnt Watcher Cover

This book was recommended to me by Nimue Brown, which kindled a lovely friendship with the author! I would say that any bias is unintended, but…

This book is absolutely in my Top 10 Reads of 2020. For a first-time, independently-published novel, it caught me up in its tale and I found myself trapped within its pages late into the night.

‘Five hundred years ago the old world burned and the Fear rose from the ashes and the Glass. Watchers knew the Fear and found the ways of fighting it, enabling the world to be built anew.’

This may be the calmest post-apocalyptic novel I’ve ever read. It starts long after the Big Catastrophic Event, and reminded me at first of Ellis Peters’ ‘Cadfael’ books: a spiritual man, injured in the course of his work and seeking peace and quiet, pulled into a mystery from a world he’d left…

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The Arboridium – a review

The Arboridium is a beautiful new oracle set from Phil and Jacqui Lovesey, creators of the Matlock the Hare books. If you’re already a Matlock fan then you will fall happily into this world. If not, it will – as is usually the case with cards – depend a lot on how you feel about the art.

You can have a look at the set here –

If you like charm and whimsy, if you want magic but would like something a bit less familiar, then this is an excellent set even if you haven’t read the books.

I use it less for divination, more for guidance. Like the previous White Hare Wisdom cards, these are stand-out as non judgemental. Each card represents an idea, an energy, a trajectory – and there isn’t a day when any of these cards wouldn’t be useful reminders to me of qualities I can work with or aspire to.  They are in many ways the perfect cards for people who aren’t into the woo-woo side of divination, but would like some enchantment and wisdom to add to their lives.

I have used many different oracle cards and divination methods at this point – not least because I had a few sets come my way as a reviewer a few years ago. I’ve come to the conclusion that life is challenging enough without also being challenged by oracle cards! What I benefit from most are the sets that uplift and encourage me, that inspire me and give me things I might use to overcome the daily challenges. I also like the way that in these cards there is a keen sense that it is perfectly fine to be messy, wrong, muddling along, a bit lost, a bit clottabussed (as the dale folk would say) – that this is all part of the rich tapestry of existence.

It’s nice having an oracle set that encourages you not to feel like you must magically know about every setback before it happens. It’s nice to explore divination gently, to feel ok about not knowing, and to have the future remain complicated and unpredictable.  It’s good to take a daily reminder of the tools I already have and the ones I would like to develop.

I heartily recommend this set.

You can buy the cards here –

River Severns Watery Passions

A sexy river, love of landscape poem from my good friend Robin – well worth taking some time to read this!

Stroud Walking

A few years ago I found myself writing this poem about the river Severn or Sabrina in earlier records. It is a kind of full on erotic vision of my local river which I’m sure more people would admit to if we didn’t think we would be burned as witches or wizards.

Birth is the river.

Conception is the river.

Her sticky wet banks

seeded with moon pale elvers

surging in wriggling coital urge.

Sabrina orgasms with a rushing foamy bore.

The single minded wave

tears up and boils all

into Sabrina’s sexual frenzy.

Her waters throbbing

teeming with little fishes

oozing out in wild swirls across farmland and into our houses.

Infecting Gloucestershire’s population

with Sabrina’s springtide sex drive,

it drives the obliterating surrender of every animal to procreate.

For life’s call is absolutely naked

like flowers coming out.

Men and women step outdoors

To breath the air,


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My good friend Merry is doing a series on her blog – it’s queer science fiction, funny, clever, charming… If that sounds like your sort of thing, wander over and read the episodes already up, and then the rest will be out weekly…

Meredith Debonnaire

Will the Queeronauts escape the clutches of the Norms?
How will Kaz stop herself from simply screaming at the Norm Captain?


Queer Galaxy Storm was a fine ship of organic make, one of the few Violet Fives still flying and the envy of all who saw her. Usually.

“Nura! Nura, you get Galaxy moving right now!” Captain Kaz, curled up at the centre of the Command Lobe, yells furiously into the communication vines. Queer Galaxy Storm rumbles in counterpoint.

“I’m knee-deep in plankton, Captain. The Feed’s broken.” Nura sounds remarkably calm, which is a terrible sign.

“Un-broken it!” snaps Kaz, projecting as much reassurance to Queer Galaxy Storm as she can; the ship’s not badly wounded, but that doesn’t mean they’re comfortable.

“We’re holding…

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To Perish Without Wild Things

This is a very beautiful, powerful piece written by my friend Robin. That it was in some part inspired by my Wherefore project leaves me feeling both proud, and deeply moved. That my silliness could cause anyone to do create something like this is a startlement and an honour.

Stroud Walking

It appears Treefellow has written something here, To Perish Without Wild Things. It was brought forth when I listened to the first few Whereforth tales by Nimue Brown. I found myself standing at my window looking out at the valley thinking about our seemingly endless appetite for destroying the wild and undomesticated.

To Perish Without Wild Things-April 2020

Why do humans spend such great effort in tearing into the skin of the Earth?

The humans are ravenous for turning the Earth

Into millions of holes and scars, now they have achieved this.

Hungry for what?
Why are the humans possessed of a hunger that ruins the

foundations of their mother world?

Humans have spent a long time training themselves

to shun the wild and free

 while a forgotten bit remembers they are more human wild and free, like birds and trees and the dark.

On the top though we are…

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Let's Talk About Wolves #4: Hopeless, Maine

In which Tom and I talk to CM Rosens about werewolves….

C. M. Rosens


In this next installment of talking about wolves, I got to chat with Tom and Nimue Brown, the co-creators of the Hopeless, Maine graphic novel series. Tom Brown is also the illustrator for The Crows, and there are three of Tom’s original illustrations in the eBook version and five in the paperback!

Hopeless is a mist-shrouded island off the coast of Maine, and a creepily gorgeous example of New England Gothic. Check out their website for a whimsical and deeply Weird introduction to this world, enjoy the art, and maybe row out to the Etsy store where you can load up with all the creative goodies. Just be careful: there’s a lot of things that can get you when you’re not watching.

Right! Let’s get to it. Here’s Nimue Brown on Werewolves in film and lit, and Hopeless!

Nimue & Tom Brown on…

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Taking Druid Life Forward

I’ve been thinking for a while now about what’s next for Druid Life. What I’d really like to do is pay for a package for this blog, and for my Hopeless Maine blog – main aim of this would be to get rid of the ads.

What I’m not going to do is then monetise either blog by putting my own ad stream in. I’d very much like to make this a less commercial space. It’s not prohibitively expensive to do this. But, I’m not earning vast sums of money, so it’s a move that would bring an extra cost for me.

I’m in the middle of a big financial re-think at the moment anyway. Some of my personal aims have shifted dramatically in the last month or so, and this will help me afford to make changes here. I’m aiming for January.

However, if you’d like to help me improve the quality of the blog and make it a better experience, there is Patreon. I’ve set my target at $200 a month for this project. Please note that the increase from what people currently give would do a lot more than cover the cost of getting ads off my sites. But also please note that I’ve every intention of cracking on with this whether I hit the funding goal or not.

Patreon is very much about reciprocal relationships. Money donated via the site helps me afford to work creatively and to dig in more with the Druidry. It helps me give stuff away and I like the principle of making a lot of my work freely available. It also means that, moving forward, I could pay for things that would allow me to give more effectively – as with getting ads off this blog. I’m open to suggestions about what form that might take.

Patreon levels start at $1 with rewards at that level upwards.