Osiers in winter

I love willows, with their incredible resilience and capacity to keep going. Willow will grow, and regrow from almost nothing, they’re remarkable survivors.

There are many different kinds of willow, all with their own distinctive qualities. The one in the photo is an osier willow, and these are particular favourites of mine. In the leafy part of the year they aren’t very self announcing, but in winter, the narrower stems show up dramatically with their red and orange hues. In untouched trees, this is mostly to be found in the twigs, but pollarded trees are more dramatic, as the photo shows. The lighting for this doesn’t really convey the colour intensity.

One of the things I tend to find hard about winter, is the greyness. I find the lack of colour impacts on me emotionally. Seeing the osiers always gives me something of a boost,

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4 responses to “Osiers in winter

  • MiamiMagus

    Fascinating how a person can react differently to every situation. For me, the lack of color on a grey and rainy day makes me feel calm and relaxed. It reminds me of my childhood. Florida is always sunny all year round and that crap gets annoying real fast. We don’t have any real seasons.

    What passes for “winter” here would be considered spring in other places. For me the rain brings the cool weather. It’s a day for sleeping in, reading books, listening to radio mysteries and horror podcasts, watching my favorite creepy shows and movies (with a particular fondness for found footage movies). As a child, I used to wear my pajamas on a rainy day and pretend I was Captain Nemo. Riding in the nautilus.

    I got the idea because it rained so heavily one day, that the waters were drizzling down the windows. It made it seem that my grandmother and I were under the sea. When it does actually get cold here, it’s nice to put clothes on rather than off. To try to be warm instead of melting like ice on a road of endless black tar and heat. To trade the ice cream for hot chocolate.

    To spend extra time in the warmth of the bed. These are the things I often think about.

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  • M.A.

    I have a very bright orange hat that I crocheted one winter when it was overcast for 3 weeks straight and I had to have some colorful thing or go nuts.

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