Crimson Craft – a review

This is a really lovely book. If you’re approaching it as someone new to sex magic, and you have feelings of confidence and delight, then this is a great place to start and get in there!

For a lot of people, sex is a difficult and uncomfortable topic. It doesn’t help that there’s so much negative cultural framing – especially for anyone female, queer or otherwise complicated. There’s far more shame than celebration, far more stigma than joy. And yet, our sexual identities can be huge, defining aspects of who we are, and are all too often parts of ourselves that we can’t safely express.

If you grew up with Christianity in your environment – even if it wasn’t your family religion – you’ve probably been exposed to the idea that sex is sinful, not sacred. It can be hard pushing past all of this to even consider the idea that sex could be sacred and magical.

In writing this book, Halo has created a safe space for anyone who wants to explore their own nature as a sexual being. This is an invitation to be open to healing, sacredness, wonder, spirituality and magic. It’s a deeply affirming and inclusive book full of things to explore and the affirmation that exploring is something you are entitled to do.

As this is written for the solitary practitioner, there are no assumptions about your orientation, partnership status, whether you fall in the ace spectrum, or how you want to go about having erotic experiences. This is wonderful of itself and entirely liberating. The person who wants to try these ideas with other people can explore that should they so wish, but this book is primarily about your relationship with your own body and with your sexual self.

If this is an area of challenge for you, I can recommend this book as a comforting, supportive and uplifting sort of read. I admit that I didn’t get in to read and endorse this book earlier in the process – much as I love Halo’s work – because I was in a really bad way and did not feel at all equal to it. With hindsight, while I’m certain I’d have cried a lot going through it at that earlier point, I also think it would have done me a lot of good if I’d felt able to try. So if this is an area of life and self that you’re struggling with, there’s a decent chance this book will be helpful, especially if you’re trying to change things and need ideas to work with.

Get it right, and sex can be magic, and mystery, wonder and sacredness. We have in ourselves, and between us, a capacity to make beauty and joy. That should be honoured and celebrated.

More on the publisher’s website –

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One response to “Crimson Craft – a review

  • Alex Smale

    Thank you. I’m nervous about the topic, like many. I would like the read this book, thanks for taking the time to steer others in the right direction.

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