First signs of autumn

There was a time when I would have taken blackberries as a first sign of autumn, but more normally now they appear around my home in August. I think of apples as very much an autumnal thing and yet here we are at the end of August, and I’ve seen windfall apples. The stress caused by drought has turned some trees early – although not to many where I live.

There is however a crispness in the air first thing in the morning. It’s the uneasy taste of a new school term that reminds my body of stresses from the past. Which is a pity because of itself, that morning crispness is delightful and welcome.

I’m watching grass returning to life now that the days are less hot and we’ve had some rain. So while in theory the end of summer is supposed to be about harvest and things dying off, that’s not what’s happening on my doorstep. Climate chaos is impacting on the wheel of the year. I think it’s really important not to insist on those old stories about what happens when, but to be alert to what’s happening now. And anyway, the wheel of the year was always far more complicated than the stories Pagans like to tell about it.

No matter where you are in the wheel of the year, something is always starting and something is always dying.

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7 responses to “First signs of autumn

  • kassyvallan

    For me it’s always the horse chestnuts and especially the sweet chestnuts. Will soon be time to alter my walk through the woods, to protect Bertie’s paws! Fond memories of childhood, waiting at the park gates for them to open, then racing to get the best night-fall’s conkers.

  • Christopher Blackwell

    Last year and this year both have been rather odd here in my desert. First a lot more rain has meant a lot of new small plants filling in the normally barren spots between the larger bushes.

    The runoff from the little two lane county highway makes this especially noticeable along the front edge of my
    property. My little bit of meadow has thickened and grown more dense in what had be traditionally a barren spot. It is about twenty feet by eight feet, but now new areas between the bushes are starting to fill in.

    The other major change has been the high temperatures, normally in the high 90sF up to just over a 100F have dropped many times into the low 80s F, for even when we got no rain we often had the clouds shading the land. So regardless of what the calendar, we are now in Fall. But it is a rather odd Fall loaded in plenty of yellow and purple flowers.

    Now this the same bushes that were strained because of excess heat earlier in the year had their leaves unhealthy brownish green earlier in the year, that are now a healthy deep green. The plants are doing very well now.

  • Online Readings

    We have many fruit trees here where I live. None of them produce on the schedule that they used to. The wheel indeed does keep turning. Good article!

  • locksley2010

    It’s the long shadows for for me, I first noticed their lengthening towards the end of August, and the sun becoming lower and lower. But yes, it’s about what is happening now rather than modern dreams of how things used to be…. If they ever even were.

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