Reclaiming Intuition

Inspired by Natalia Clarke, I started thinking in earnest last year about what I might do to reclaim my intuition. Looking back I think it would be fair to say that I invited opportunities to rebuild my intuition and to work actively with it. As is sometimes the way of it, when you ask, you get.

I made a dramatic leap of faith in the spring of 2020, based on a dream I had, and a feeling.  It was a decision that had a huge impact on my life, and that continues to do so. It’s probably a choice that will turn out to have been a major point of change for me with a massive impact on my future. It’s not something I could have done as a reasoned decision.

Having taken that leap, I found myself in a situation where pretty much all I had to work with was intuition. I went from having largely ignored and refused this part of my life for many years, to suddenly having it be the thing I had to most rely on. As the year progressed, this became increasingly the case. I made a lot of decisions based on what my intuition said because I simply didn’t have any other substantial information sources to work with.

This, in all honesty was a scary place to be, and incredibly disorientating.  It felt more than a little insane, and I spent a lot of time second guessing myself, and wondering at the wisdom of where my intuition was leading me. How do you tell what’s intuition and what is just wishful thinking? That’s a hard one, especially when you have reason to think you may be being led by something else entirely. I was also very aware that if I had miscalled some of these things, I would make an enormous mess and cause considerable damage to myself and the people closest to me.

As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for!

It wasn’t until spring of this year that I started getting any significant feedback to put my choices in a rational context. I paid dearly to get to that point – in fear and distress. However, early in 2021, I started finding out what the consequences of those intuitively made choices were. It turned out that I had been right about pretty much everything.  I had steered an almost impossible course through some trying times, based purely on what my gut feelings told me. I emerged into a place full of remarkable possibilities that just keep opening up.

It’s been a very powerful experience for me. It would be fair to say that Natalia’s book on Intuitive Magical Practice changed my life – there’s a more prosaic review for it over here.

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