Seasonal windows

One of the key shifts in the seasons, for me, is the point at which I have to start closing windows at night. Most years this means there will be a few nights where the indoor temperature gets very low before I’ll admit that I really do have to shut the windows. It’s always hard and an unhappy moment.

When the windows are open, the internal home space is much more connected to the outside world. Bird song is a constant during the day. I can hear the nearby stream from the bedroom. Owls are much more audible at night. Closing the windows shuts out an entire soundscape. I can no longer hear the wind in the trees, or the leaves skittering about. It is a loss I feel keenly. Of course it also comes at the time of year when sitting outside is getting to be a good deal less viable as well.

I will get outside more days than not, and I spend time at the closed windows, but my relationship with all that is wild and natural changes at this point in the year. My body is not robust enough to tolerate getting cold – that makes me even more sore and stiff than I would otherwise be.

What I crave is some sort of sheltered, permeable space that would work all year round. Living in an upstairs flat, there’s no liminal space I can sit in. There are outside spaces here, but nothing sheltered and I am not allowed to put up a small shelter. It would make worlds of difference to me to have a space where I could sit in all weathers and seasons, be dry and out of the worst of the wind, and also not entirely indoors. With my own garden, this would be easy to achieve.

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5 responses to “Seasonal windows

  • Sheila Murrey

    Totally understand. We have our windows open now, and live in an RV off grid. We hear Everything in nature, as we live in a forest. It is amazing! ❤️🦋🌀

  • Aelfrun

    I love our seasons, especially the autumn but I know what you mean. I start to feel cut off from the most important things, almost like going into hibernation. Like you I spend a lot of time at my window, waiting for better times.

  • Jules

    I too feel your frustration, that feeling of being closed off from nature by having to retreat into the material world again just to stay warm / healthy. I am still resisting the inevitable by wrapping myself in a fleece throw and sitting near an open window just to hear the birds. Stay strong in your heart, the wheel will turn and spring will come again.

  • Yvonne Ryves

    I have just splashed out on an oversized fleece hoodie that I can curl up in so I am all nice and toasty even if the windows are open. I’m a summer person and we would always be going away soon to shorten the winter but this year of course there is no going away so I am extra grateful for my new fleece.

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