To Perish Without Wild Things

This is a very beautiful, powerful piece written by my friend Robin. That it was in some part inspired by my Wherefore project leaves me feeling both proud, and deeply moved. That my silliness could cause anyone to do create something like this is a startlement and an honour.

Stroud Walking

It appears Treefellow has written something here, To Perish Without Wild Things. It was brought forth when I listened to the first few Whereforth tales by Nimue Brown. I found myself standing at my window looking out at the valley thinking about our seemingly endless appetite for destroying the wild and undomesticated.

To Perish Without Wild Things-April 2020

Why do humans spend such great effort in tearing into the skin of the Earth?

The humans are ravenous for turning the Earth

Into millions of holes and scars, now they have achieved this.

Hungry for what?
Why are the humans possessed of a hunger that ruins the

foundations of their mother world?

Humans have spent a long time training themselves

to shun the wild and free

 while a forgotten bit remembers they are more human wild and free, like birds and trees and the dark.

On the top though we are…

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