Sliding into winter

Over the last few days, there have been heavy frosts, and ice on the ground at night where I live. For me, this means winter is definitely here. It’s a localised definition. There are parts of the UK that have already had some snow – but, down in the balmy south west of the country, it’s possible to go a whole winter and not see any. What winter means varies a lot depending on where you are.

I become very aware of my body in these conditions. My balance – or lack of it. How readily my hands and feet go numb in the cold. I also note that I’m doing a bit better this year on both of these – I’m less panicked by slippery ground, and I’m not having quite the same degree of circulation problems. There’s only been one significant change in my life since last winter and that’s the Tai Chi, so it could be that both shifts relate to that. I think it has improved my balance. It’s given me body knowledge about ways of walking carefully so I can do that without having to over-think it. I was told it might improve my circulation, and this is the first evidence this could be happening.

How we experience the seasons combines body and location, health, affluence, resources – it can be incredibly revealing. What’s easy often goes unnoticed, so if winter is easy for you it may be worth spending some time with that and asking why.

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5 responses to “Sliding into winter

  • locksley2010

    Yep, nothing says “Winter is here” than the cold crunch of frost underfoot and everything glistening with a white crispness. Not forgetting the cold biting one’s face.
    Guaranteed if there’s a slippery spot, I’ll find it!
    The biggest thing with Winter for me is my eczema. With all the heating on at work, I’m more prone to drying out and getting itchy. So I make sure I drink more water and leave it to get to room temperature as I find I don’t want it when it’s ice cold.

  • locksley2010

    Everyone has different triggers, that’s one of mine. Hopefully it’ll be of some assistance to your son.

  • emberbear

    I love winter but my energy levels go right down. This year I am just going with it. I have spent the last two hours on the sofa reading a brilliant book. Bliss. Now I have the energy to go for a walk in the cold and the brilliant sunshine. I hope you have a similar day.

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