Finding more energy

I’ve had energy problems since my teens. Aged fourteen, my Doctor told me that ME didn’t exist, that it was probably psychosomatic or because I wanted to get out of doing PE. Oddly enough, I didn’t find that helpful. I figured out a lot of things on my own which have allowed me to manage my body a lot better.

I’m hypermobile, which apparently means everything is going to take me more effort than it does most people. Not a lot I can do about that, but knowing helps. It particularly helps in not blaming myself and telling myself I’m just being lazy and not trying hard enough. This in turn helps me rest when I need to and that’s improved my energy levels.

It may be the hypermobility impacting on my gut, it may be some other technical thing, but my digestive system has never been very reliable. I’ve eliminated the foods that make me ill – I can’t do meat, I can’t have too much refined anything, and I do better when I eat large quantities of fruit and veg. But, if my gut packs up, I mess up with the electrolytes and this in turn messes up my blood pressure leaving me feeling weak and useless. It took me a while to figure this because I get stressed by doctors so I don’t show up in tests as having low blood pressure!

By my early teens I was anxious about my weight, and went many rounds trying to starve myself. I’ve never been able to control my weight through any kind of dieting. In recent years I’ve focused on making sure I have the energy to be physically active. This works better for me, and having the energy from my food to do the things I want to do make a lot of odds. Investing in my diet helps with the aforementioned electrolytes issues. Having enough oil has helped reduce pain. I try to maintain good blood sugar because when low blood sugar and depression collide, energy disappears.

I’ve got the best energy levels and concentration I’ve had in a long time, and it’s more reliable than it’s ever been. I still get days when, for no reason I can identify, it’s like someone has coated my bones in lead, put old-style deep sea diving boots on my feet and sent me to walk through rivers of treacle. I don’t know what causes those days. I don’t push hard against them anymore, and I rest up as much as I can.

What this has taught me, over the years, is that my body is a really complicated thing, with many different factors involved (not all of which I have mentioned in this post). Simple, miracle cures have never cured me. Trying to work out things like how sleep, activity, stress, diet and body mechanics interact with each other is difficult, and those balances shift all the time. I’ve had to accept that I can’t totally fix myself and it’s not some kind of personal failing to have to work around some of this. Some of it is clearly genetic and I know something of the history of that in my family. Not everyone can cure all their stuff, and I’ve become very resistant to people who are adamant that a bit more magnesium and positive thinking (or whatever it is this week) would make me perfectly ok.

I’ve learned not to waste precious energy on people who are insistent about their miracle solutions. What I do know is that if a problem in your body was easily fixed, it was never that complicated a problem and it isn’t indicative of what will happen for anyone who has a whole mess of things going on.

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9 responses to “Finding more energy

  • Adele Marie

    Thank you for sharing this. I didn’t know about this condition and it might explain some of my symptoms or my wife’s. xxx

    • Nimue Brown

      What we used to call ‘double jointed’ and largely ignore, is a condition of the soft tissues with considerable impact – can also affect posture. best of luck finding out what you’re dealing with and how best to handle it.

  • mm

    I’m not hypermobile, but I can identify with practically everything else you mention, particularly the digestive issues and the fluctuations in energy. I’ve had a colonoscopy and an endoscopy and spent hundreds of pounds on nutritionists, naturopaths and the expensive supplements they recommended, and the latters’ advice – while in many ways good and sensible – only brought me so far. The digestive issues are still there, partly genetic probably as my father had terrible digestion all his life.

    I now eat loads of cooked veggies, a little fruit, fish, eggs, gluten free grains, and I drink lot of water. No junk food. This suits me well enough, but I’m convinced that many of these physical symptoms stem from a) an underlying physical and energetic hypersensitivity that I am still learning how to manage and B) internalised trauma stored in the solar plexus and sacral areas that hopefully can be gradually discharged and healed, or at least lessened. That and the ageing process (I’m 70). I try and live as balanced and calm a life as I can. I love walking in nature and I like being around people in small doses. Too much time alone and the brain starts racing in unhelpful ways.

    And my goodness, I so agree with your last two paragraphs re “miracle cures”!.

    • Nimue Brown

      have a look at Fibromyalgia (assuming you haven’t) and the relationship between trauma and inflimation (all about new and under-explored) that might be relevant – there’s not a lot available off the back of it, but, knowledge is power.

    • mm

      Thanks Nimue. I have explored the fibro option but I don’t have the all-over body pain that seems to be a key symptom. Mine is mainly GI related, I was originally told I had IBS though after the colonoscopy the doctors said I’ve got diverticulosis (diverticular pouches – thankfully not diverticulitis which is more serious). Having said that apparently many people go to their graves with diverticulosis without any symptoms at all …….

      I’ve been doing a lot of reading re trauma and mind/body stuff. It fits me to a T. Now, how to manage it is the question …….

  • eberis

    I went to the incense shop to have a cup of coffee . the woman trying to get a selenium wand wanted a blessing . was that said ? nope . it was implied by the Master Wiccan who runs the incense shop . I went back the next day to have a cup of coffee . someone was shopping to get ceremony candles and an invocation blessing . I stood there and tipped my coffee cup as a salut to the person who is convinced I’m not magic friendly . I turned around so she wouldn’t get skittish about me seeing the invocation sign on word . my quibble with the credit card isn’t important . what am I getting at . folks , welcomehere isn’t a shamanic experience . it is urban ecology in way of the magic of spirits and in a way of panthen the accord of the blessing of manna with a regard of cannabis and drum circles . translate this on a Microsoft browser . you have schoraly disorder I get but I wish you Peace now .
    global peace now .

  • eberis

    typing error ona regard of mailer~dæmon

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