Cover story – Druidry and the Future

The cover for Druidry and the Future was a collaboration between myself and my husband, Tom Brown. It comes out of ongoing conversations we’ve been having around hope punk, and regenerative, generous, restorative human action.

We’ve both got to the point of feeling that really, trying to reduce harm isn’t enough. The scale of harm done by humans is such that we urgently need to become forces for regeneration. We also both feel strongly that people need to see themselves as beings who can live generously and restoratively, that we do not have to despair over our species because we can, and will, do better.

Hope punk is a concept that has arisen online as an antidote to grimdark fiction. This is something we’re also invested in – not that I’m averse to dark fantasy, I love Mark Lawrence’s work in this area, but it is not enough to be grim and dark. We also need visions of where we might be going. If all we tell ourselves are stories about how horrible things will be, we have nothing to work towards. I like writing gothic fiction myself, I am an occasional horror reader. For me, these genres suit me best when they also provide contrast. The good people are able to do can shine out more clearly against a grim backdrop. Also, I want to get away from the light/dark language here – an issue I’ll be coming back to.

So, I sat down at a drink and draw a while ago and tried to imagine what restorative urban Druidry might look like. I wanted to give a sense of Druidry being what you do where you are, and that as most of us live in towns and cities, we need to reflect that. If Druidry can only be ‘away’ in remote and beautiful spots that becomes a barrier to regenerative living.

Tom took my original sketch and drew it up for me – I’m not terribly good at perspective or for that matter, realism. I did the colouring because once the lines are down, I can get my head around this. Tom is such a goth that colour worries him…


You can buy the book via Amazon, or leave a comment if you’d like to buy a hard copy directly from me 

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8 responses to “Cover story – Druidry and the Future

  • Fiona

    I’d like to buy a hard copy off you please 😊 I’m in Australia so please calculate postage with the price.. looking forward to reading it.. thank you 💛

  • juliebond

    I would like to buy a hard copy from you, please.

  • lornasmithers

    Interesting that you mention ‘hope punk’ as an antidote to ‘grimdark’ right now. I recall Kevan creating the label ‘goldendark’ as a similar response. In spite of being a lover of dark fantasy, I’ve steered away from anything labelled ‘grimdark’ for years partly cos it’s trendy and partly cos I doubted I’d find anything of value until finding an amazing ‘grimdark’ trilogy called ‘Raven’s Cry’ which, in spite of the darkness of its vision and brutality is actually captivating and mystical and one of the best trilogies I’ve read in ages. This has got me wondering what you personally class as ‘grimdark’, what your critiques are, and why an antidote is needed?

    • Nimue Brown

      it’s a genre terms that I’ve seen used and particularly applied to Game of Thrones. I just think we need a general antidote to too much gloom, doom and violence. I’m also increasingly uneasy about how we align ‘dark’ with ‘bad’ and ‘light’ with good because it runs along the edges of racist thinking, and sometimes goes all the way there.

      • lornasmithers

        Have you read much grimdark though? Bizarrely I just now came across another counterterm to ‘grimdark’ – ‘noblebright’ on the blog of the author of ‘Raven’s Cry’ who I just mentioned! I do agree with the problems of aligning ‘dark’ with ‘bad’ and ‘good’ with ‘light’ and wonder whether ‘grimdark’ could subvert this by actually showing that grimness and darkness are just as valuable as nobility and brightness?

      • Nimue Brown

        I’ve read some books that fall into this genre, but I’m careful about picking stories that aren’t going to make me miserable. I like gothic, I like complexity, I like darkness (but not as a resolutely negative term) I have no interest in stories that celebrate power-over so i stay well away from anythnig that looks liek that.

      • lornasmithers

        There is definitely a lot of power-over in the grimdark books I’m reading but I’m not sure it’s celebrated. It’s certainly explored interestingly in the relationship between the main character and the immortal wizard called Crowfoot who he’s magically bound to serve. Coincidentally a lot of the book is about a ‘toxic mystic wasteland’ called ‘The Misery’. You possibly wouldn’t like it… Grimdark aside I like the term ‘hope punk’ by the way 🙂

  • butimbeautiful

    It’s an interesting title, and I agree with you, there does need to be more hope fiction.

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