Dreaming your full time Pagan Life

What we do is informed by what we dream. That’s true of our daydreaming, and or our less intentioned night dreaming. What we absorb resurfaces in our desires to shape our intentions and our actions. Magic is all about will, but will is informed by many things we might not be aware of. Take a step back from your intent to check where it comes from and what’s feeding it.

Make time to dream your Pagan life. This is especially important if you can’t meditate or don’t have time for a daily Pagan practice. Make time – whatever time you can – to just sit down and daydream. I recommend a plant or a good window view or a nice outdoors setting for company if you can. Failing that, some Pagan art, your oracle cards, a crystal – anything that gives you a bit of Pagan-flavoured headspace. Imagine what it would be like to live a totally Pagan life.

What would you eat? What would you wear? What would your sleeping arrangements be like? What would your job be? How would you pay your bills? How would you get around? What would your family life be like? What would you do in your time off? And how would your spiritual practice fit in to all of this?

If you work with guides, gods or any other spiritual forces, you can invite them in on this process. Ask for guidance. Ask for inspiration. Keep doing it in whatever moments you can find and see what emerges. Find out what you really want from a full time Pagan life. Explore it imaginatively. Play with ideas – your first impulse is not necessarily your best one, you may need to dig in a bit.

Now, here’s the fun bit. There’s no direct action stage here. Just keep dreaming. Except that all our ideas are born of dreams and imaginings, and that what we invest energy in shapes us. You may feel moved to run out and make radical changes – feel free, it’s your life. You may not feel able to, you may not be able to see how to get to your dreams from where you are now. But, as you go along, your dream infused life will change, because you will make small, every day choices based on those dreams. The odds are it won’t be the dramatic shifts that really count in the long run – it will be the small, every day things that change everything. It usually is.

Dream who you want to be. Dream the life you want. Dream how best to manifest your Paganism in your life. I don’t particularly believe that like attracts like, or that what we focus on, we get. But I do know that what we think about colours every experience. How we think shapes our perceptions. What we focus on, we invest in. So often, things we are not conscious of get the steering wheel in our minds and lives – it’s the expectation of this that underpins every single advert you encounter. Take back your dreaming. Change everything.

About Nimue Brown

Druid, author, dreamer, folk enthusiast, parent, wife to the most amazing artist -Tom Brown. Drinker of coffee, maker of puddings. Exploring life as a Pagan, seeking good and meaningful ways to be, struggling with mental health issues and worried about many things. View all posts by Nimue Brown

6 responses to “Dreaming your full time Pagan Life

  • Jen - Liminal Luminous

    Oof, this is an extremely powerful bit of writing! I’ve just been lying on the bed thinking about this cocooned in blankets and quilts, after a long walk by the sea by myself and then a walk in the woods with people… what would my life truely look like if I was living as I am called to… I find train journeys (with excellent headphones and non verbal music) to be good for this sort of thinking too….. for me the question is how does my spiritual practice fit with work, but would it be better to think of this the other way around? What what would my life really look like if I were aligned more with what my soul is being called to do?

  • Ihrian Brown (Shadowclaw)

    This is so true, wonderfully true.

    Something that ties into this, too – at least for me. When I daydream scenarios – no matter if they are related to how I want to live or some epic fantasy I amuse myself with – if I come across something I am less familiar with, I look it up. I have learned so much from looking up, say, how to cook using certain utensils, how to navigate without a gps, or how to make this thing or that thing. All because I daydreamed about it. =)

  • crystalhealingempath

    I love this! Often I find myself daydreaming of how I would live my life, how I would be able to do everything based on being Pagan. I would get to practice more often, dive deeper into my ancient ancestors history.

  • greycatsidhe

    So many wonderful things to contemplate. Thanks for this.

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