How winter impacts on autumn

For most of my life, my experience of autumn has been coloured by what winter has meant for me. It’s been difficult to enjoy the many lovely things autumn offers, because of the threat of winter. Being cold radically increases my pain levels. I get chilblains. Everything domestic is that bit harder. Winters when there wasn’t enough money to be really warm, have been horrible. I can end up a lot more isolated in winter, and I hate walking on frosty and icy surfaces.

I’ve blogged in the past about how being able to enjoy the winter is a marker of privilege. It’s impossible to enjoy the lead-up to winter when winter itself is a grim prospect.

This year I find myself in a different sort of position. Despite the upheavals of summer, I’m on a really good footing financially. I’ve got the right technology in place to deal with some of winter’s practical issues. In my case that means a de-humidifier, and a really good spin drier. I’ve got good boots and a decent winter coat. I’m thinking about upgrading to an even more waterproof coat for walking in, if I can. Maybe a new pair of waterproof trousers as well. I feel very, very fortunate in all of this. I am aware that for many people, this winter will be as much of a nightmare as any of the winters before it, and for others, struggling in winter is a new problem which they don’t yet have the skills to deal with.

I’m going to make a point of writing about small seasonal shifts this year. Partly I’m doing this because I’m changing my relationship with the dark half of the year. Partly because it’s a good theme to write on. I feel that no longer struggling quite so much, I might be more comfortable talking about what’s hard in the darker months. Often it’s easier to write about something when I’m not living in it.

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7 responses to “How winter impacts on autumn

  • Jen - Liminal Luminous

    Yes, good clothing makes such a difference. I know I am fitter and healthier when I am exercising and as you say it is impossible to do so without the right clothes. It is expensive stuff though, I have all the clothes sorted, but my waterproof boots gave up at the end of last season, the waterproof ness at any rate. They are a barefoot style off road runnign trainer rather than actual boots, so I am going to see if I can get a goretex spray to resurrect them, rather than buying new.

    I am fortuntate that we can afford heating as much as I need it, but I also schedule December out and don’t expect to get much work done. This allows me the energy to work through jan and feb (assumign the work is actually there).

  • Readerbythesea

    You’re the only person who acknowledges what winter’s like when your poor, I crave a really good spin drier too.
    If you find genuinely waterproof clothing please tell us the name as I have never found reproofing supposed waterproofs ever worked for me, or maybe I just never spent enough in the first place?!
    Enjoy this winter 😀

  • eberis

    We’re confused on ☕ . Peace

  • Nimue Brown

    I know there are much more state of the art waterproofs out there, but UI fear the price tags 🙂 I shall be researching at some point though and can certainly share the results. Being soaked through is not a thing I am fond of and even my better coats have failed me on occasion….

  • Aspasía S. Bissas

    I’m sorry you have such difficulties with winter. I have the exact opposite problem–summer is my nightmare (but at least summer has flowers).

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