What’s new in Druidry?

The developments in witchcraft at the moment seem really exciting to me, looking at them from the outside. Kitchen witchcraft. Fairy Witchcraft. Urban witchcraft. Traditional Witchcraft. I see people drawing on folklore, literature and tradition, and I see people innovating, experimenting and exploring their own ideas, and I see that being brought together to create something vibrant and very alive.

I was excited about Emma Restall Orr’s work some ten years ago and more, breaking away from male stereotypes in Druidry to find something wilder and more feminine. I was very excited about the Contemplative Druidry movement. I am excited about what Julie Brett has done exploring Australian Druidry. I hope we’ll see more Druids around the world finding ways to do Druidry that are about their immediate experience of landscape. But beyond that, things seem quiet to me at the moment. People whose ideas I was really interested in seem to be moving away from Druidry as an identity. I’m short of new Druid books that I’m keen to get my hands on.

It may be that I’m just not looking in the right places. So, if you’re doing something, or know about something interesting happening in contemporary Druidry, do please leave a comment. If you’ve got a blog or a book about modern Druidry, please give yourself a plug!

Traditions have to be living traditions. We breathe life into them with action and innovation. Ten years ago or so it felt like Druidry as a concept could fly apart because so many people were trying to do it in so many different ways and no one knew what was right. There seemed to be more heresy than orthodoxy, and that was fun. It doesn’t feel like we’ve settled down into something calmer and more clearly defined. It feels like we’ve lost something. Perhaps it’s just me.

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13 responses to “What’s new in Druidry?

  • Bill Watson

    Have a look at my book ‘Vehicles of Asgard’ for recent detail on witchcraft practices and numbers.

  • Blodeuwedd

    I am, as you know, in the middle of research into contemporary Druidry and death, there will be publications, academic and otherwise, in due course. I am also doing work into burial mounds and Druidic religious experience in ancient sacred sites. Nothing to see here yet, but there will be. May also be writing at some point about my experiences as a Druid who is also a funeral director. 🙂

  • juliebond

    Contemplative and monastic druidry ideas are still going forward but these things, by their very nature, develop and grow very slowly. In the Order of the Sacred Nemeton we’re stabilizing our form of liturgical yearly practice, a lot of it based around a lunar calendar. I have a blog called Druid Monastic which I have only done one post on so far (!) but I will get back to it fairly soon, I hope. So far I’ve been writing about how my own druid contemplative practice started and grew.

  • potiapitchford

    My book in progress is basically about my path as a polythesist Druid. It will include a fair bit about my experiences and the deities I have relationships with. I haven’t seen anything with that slant so it maybe a bit different. I have a fair bit to go yet though 🙂

  • Whither Druidry – www.rosher.net

    […] eye there didn’t seem to be anyone in the Druid community taking her place. The other was a post in similar vein which I read as suggest that instead of the wild push of post-millennial Druidry […]

  • lornasmithers

    I’ve noticed that too. I think the last druid books I’ve read have been your ‘Pagan Dreaming’ (although I know that’s not explicitly Druid) and Kristoffer Hughes’ ‘The Journey into Spirit’. I’m currently working on my third book, ‘Gatherer of Souls’, which is a record of my journey to recover Gwyn ap Nudd’s lost mythos from beneath the hegemony of Arthurian mythology. Whilst I identify as an awenydd I see myself as being in the same forest as druids so it may be relevant 🙂

  • Thomas White

    Hi Nimue, I’ve taken to calling my nascent druidry “Chaos Druidry” and am feeling my way around this strange creature as it grows in my soul. It’s discordian/zen druidry with a hint of chaos magic influence and a relish for the absurd as a means for gnosis/rejoining the awen. I dunno, it kind of teeters on an edge somewhere. It has feathers and teeth, wide eyes and makes a shrill sound whenever a light is shone onto it (where is scampers back into the darkness of the ineffable). I hope to coax it back out so I can write a book about it, but so far I have barely the intro and first chapter. But I’m not giving up in it so soon! Your book “Spirituality without structure” is what got me going on this wild hunt in the first place…

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