Glowbugs and the walking calendar

A walking calendar is something not quickly created. It’s been a significant part of my personal Druidry for some years now. What I’m doing is developing a calendar that allows me to make pilgrimages to encounter what for me are key seasonal things. It’s a long term commitment, as my glowbug experiences demonstrate.

For several years I’ve been seeing occasional glowbugs at any time from midsummer through to late July. One turned up at our summer solstice sit out last year. Also last year I made my first serious attempt at a small act of pilgrimage to spend time with them. However, I ran too early, and the group had lost the will to look for wildlife before it was dark enough.

This year, drawing on last year’s experiences I was able to time things better and we were out at twilight – it helped that we had a cloudier night so it was darker earlier. A great many glowbugs were located during a slow saunter. One of our party hadn’t seen one before. They are enchanting – incredibly small bright gem like things. You only really get to see the glow, not what it’s attached to.

Building a calendar, year on year as a deliberate act of communion with the rest of the world, is something I’ve found powerful. It means identifying local, seasonal events, working out where best to see them and making the time to take that journey.

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5 responses to “Glowbugs and the walking calendar

  • John Davis

    Thanks Nimue….looking for sometimes subtle changes forms a key part of my morning walks, it has become part of the expression of my spirituality, a part of who I am. As something of an aside to your posting, I think that a downside to globalization is that people are losing a sense of seasonality….if you can buy strawberries in December and winter veg in the summer, part of the connection with the progression of nature is lost. The journey through the year is disrupted and we are the poorer for it…John /l\

  • lornasmithers

    Ooh glowbugs I don’t think I’ve seen one of those. I’ve been unconsciously doing a similar thing – heading out to see different flowers, plants and trees when they’re in flower or and different birds according to their winter and summer migrations. I tend to photo-diary things so I can look back and remember when they happen.

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