Walking the Invisible Labyrinth

I woke up one morning recently with the entirely mad idea of walking an invisible labyrinth. I feel less mad about this having read Halo Quin’s fantastic comment on a previous post about how she’s working with singing a labyrinth map so that she can walk it without having to have one laid out.

My latest experiment has been to draw a good sized version of my preferred labyrinth, and to try and follow it by walking the map. I had a flat-ish safe-ish sort of place outside, big enough based on previous assessments, and the map clutched in my hands, and off I went, very slowly.

I learned, at the very first turn that I would have to rotate the map in my hands constantly so that I could see the next move each time. It was a little bit fiddly, but a slow pace is a great enabler. At first, it felt weird, and a lot of my concentration was taken up by dealing with the process – so it didn’t feel especially spiritual to begin with. As I got into it, I could feel the flow of the journey, and that was quite an affecting shift. As I came into the last few turns, knowing I had very nearly walked to the centre, I felt elated.

I would guess that the route I walked was a very messy labyrinth, but none the less, it created a process in my mind. I think that with practice, I would get better at this, would need to scrutinise the map less and would feel the process more. I imagine it would be possible to ingrain the route into my body so thoroughly that I could walk it without reference to a map at all.

I have further labyrinth experiments planned, so there is definitely more to come, but it will likely be more sporadic from here.


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