Cycling Back to the South Pacific

I’ve read Anthony Nanson’s novel Deep Time, and can certainly recommend it. This is a fascinating blog about the prehistoric plants that are still thriving in some part of the world. Enjoy!

Anthony Nanson's Deep Time

Pacific 050One thing I always intended to blog about was my field research for Deep Time. I’ve done a post about the trip to Gabon, but not yet about the one to New Caledonia – and now I’m about to return there to research something else.

New Caledonia is a French territory in the South Pacific, about 1000 miles north of New Zealand. The reason I went there in 2007 is that its flora includes many kinds of trees similar to those which flourished in the southern continents during the age of the dinosaurs, and so travelling there would help me to picture the scenery of that distant time. For example, there are lots of different tree ferns, palms, cycads, araucarias, and podocarps (pictured: Araucaria muelleri). The story behind this is that the main island of New Caledonia split away from Australia 85 million years ago, carrying with…

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