What are you harvesting?

Lammas (the name comes from Loaf-Mass) and Lugnasadh, falling at the start of August, are celebrations of the grain harvest. Of course in practice, where exactly you are in the world and what the weather is like will decide how closely this date relates to your harvest. It’s also a celebration that assumes grain as the central foodstuff – not, say, rice, or potatoes, or some other staple. It assumes involvement in the grain harvest. You don’t have to go back very far to find most of the people in Britain were actively involved in bringing in the grain, but these days its all machinery and we ‘bring it in’ ground, packaged and quite probably already made into bread.

However, harvesting is an ongoing issue for all of us. Whether the seeds are literal or metaphorical varies, but what we sow, we reap. Even if we didn’t mean to sow it. Even if we had no idea what those seeds were going to do, or thought they would grow an entirely different outcome. Every day, we plant the seeds of our future lives, and every day we harvest the consequence of previous plantings.

It pays to stop and have a look at what you’re planting and harvesting.

This is a shorter than usual blog, seeded in advance with the view to a harvest of some much needed time off. I’ve spent the last few weeks with the difficult harvest of not taking enough care of myself, and I’ve decided that really needs to change, so, new things to plant.

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3 responses to “What are you harvesting?

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  • angiewillis22

    A thoughtful post and one we all need to meditate on. Blessings on your new plantings.

  • angharadlois

    I vividly remember a Lammas ceremony which featured shop-bought blackberries and mass-produced cider in a can, which got me thinking about the way we bring in our harvests – “ground, packaged and quite probably already made into bread” as you say.

    For me, this festival is an opportunity to get back in touch with physicality, the earth, the sources of my food and the processes of its production. This year, being in between houses and no spare time to help out with physical harvests, my Lammas-tide ritual will involve a visit to an old local(ish) flour mill which still grinds local grain by stone: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/nether-alderley-mill/features/make-your-own-elizabethan-bread – they sell the flour, which is labeled as ‘unfit for consumption’ (there is no way of complying with current food regulations) but works well for a sacrificial loaf 🙂

    May the seeds of rest take root in your soul x

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