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Pagan Consent Culture

Edited by Christine Hoff Kraemer and Yvonne Aburrow

This is a huge, challenging, inviting, wonderful, multi-voiced book. I want everyone to buy this, to read it, consider its implications and start acting on its suggestions.

I’m doing a proper review for Pagan Dawn Magazine, so this is by way of a teaser.

More about the book here –


Academy of Super-Heroes, art and words by Loran.

I picked this up thinking it would be a light and easy read – and it certainly starts out that way. I mostly don’t go for superhero stuff, but there are exceptions. Basically the more messed up, dysfunctional and ridiculous the setup, the more likely I am to want to read it. I especially like almost totally useless superpowers, and the kinds of superpowers that are as likely to get you killed as to do anything useful. Academy of Super-Heroes, with its weird, brattish cast of unheroic teens ticks the boxes for me.

Only it turned out there was also a plot, and a lot more depth to the whole thing than I’d expected. Alongside the silliness, there were serious things to engage with. Characters develop. In many ways its a story about learning to work around your differences to co-operate and not die horribly, but there’s no saccharine moralising in it.

More about the book here –


Wiltshire Folk Tales by Kirsty Hartsiotis.

I really like Kirsty’s storytelling style – lively and engaging, and humanising things that might otherwise seem a bit distant or weird. It’s a fascinating story set, and by no means exhaustive, ranging from pre-history to the twentieth century, covering the largely factual and the mostly fantastical and an array of places in between. It’s evocative of the Wiltshire landscape, and would be great for anyone travelling in that part of the world. Not being a local, I can’t say how it would work from that perspective, but Wiltshire people who don’t have folklore books would certainly do well starting here as there are lots of pointers to sources.

More about the book here –


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