Bodies in close proximity

I’m odd about matters of touch. The majority of people I prefer to have a good four feet away from me, and I hate being touched by strangers or touched unexpectedly. Where I have deep bonds with people, I am a very tactile person.

I don’t like fleeting contact with strangers. I find it emotionally disturbing and disorientating and generally not worth it. If I’m going to invest in touching someone, and dropping my defences to do that, I want it to be moving towards deeper, soulful connection. I tend to find that my first physical encounters with other people are awkward and weird. It probably means I am awkward and weird to deal with initially.

I find it takes time. I need to learn how my body relates to the other person’s. There’s simple physical components here – height differences, and establishing what feels right and appropriate and what doesn’t. I may need to talk about it. There’s also the unpredictable body responses – sometimes my body reaction is to want to hug close and tight, and those people are usually really important to me.

There seems to be an assumption out there that we just magically know how to make contact with each other. This is especially true in romantic encounters. So, I’m going to put a hand up and say I really have no idea how to do this, not the first time. Give me a dozen times, a hundred, a thousand, and I will be able to move through your personal space with more grace and poise and touch in ways that work for both parties. For each person I encounter, it’ a process, and usually a slow one. I wish it was normal to talk more about these things, but many people shy away from it. I’m going to change that where I need to.

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19 responses to “Bodies in close proximity

  • Kalo Andari

    Dear Nimue, I’ve read several posts on touch and hugging from you, and keep wondering about how much it can also be a cultural thing. Where I’m from, we hug all the time, even people we hardly know at all. It’s something I’ve grown up with and do not mind in the least. (It could, of course, just be me. There must be people who dislike it around here, too.)

    The people I will not hug, however, are those that I’ve had unpleasant experience with. Perfect strangers — fine. Hurtful acquaintances — not fine.

    I also keep wondering how it would turn out if we two ever managed to meet. I would know about your not liking to be touched, and still feel extremely awkward not to hug a person I’ve come to know a bit, if only through the internet. It could be an interesting experiment with two completely opposite instincts 🙂

    • Argenta

      (Sorry, it’s Argenta up there — the account was on!)

      • Nimue Brown

        Hello, yes I suspect there is a big cultural and familiar aspect. Brits are not that tactile, and my birth family really didn’t go in for touch, so my ‘normal’ is no contact. I’ve been changing that. I probably would hug you, you’ve been in my life virtually for such a long time now.

  • potiapitchford

    I’m glad you write about this because it has helped me to understand personal boundaries and the variation in them much better. I like to hug, I’d learnt that there are places like work where it’s not expected to give hugs. I’d come to expect and give hugs when among other Pagans without really thinking about it, without seeking active consent. Now I’m more careful about asking before hugging because I’ve learnt that there can be many reasons for not being comfortable with hugs.

    • Nimue Brown

      Asking is so good, too, and radical, and makes all sorts of things possible. I’m more likely to say yes to someone who asks, because I feel safer with them, because they have given me chance to say no.

  • eberis

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  • eberis

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    • Nimue Brown

      Hello Eberis, long time no see. Hope all is well with you.

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  • Sheila North

    I’m fairly tactile, but I grew up in America, with an extended Romanian family (Dad’s side) & Tennesee folks (Mom’s) who were always glad to see us.

    At work, we use the “Mental Health Recovery Star” which has 10 points, including “Responsibilities” When discussing with clients, I always talk about respecting people’s personal space. (The star is about rating where you think you are on these point).

    I try & respect people’s space at all times. Sadly I have an acquaintance who is forever reaching out & touching my arms. I actually told her not to do it the last time – not seen her since then.

  • eberis

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