Acts of re-enchantment

Exotic Excursions – Anthony Nanson.

A short story collection that takes us to many locations while at the same time questioning the whole process of ‘white man goes somewhere and feels entitled to comment’. It’s clever stuff, and provocative, and turns a certain kind of colonial writing on its head in some really interesting ways. It’s got a large paranormal element, too. Shades of the X-Files when it comes to what’s ‘out there’ but delivered with far more elegant writing. I very much enjoyed it. Fellow readers who are looking for books where the excitement of genre fiction meets the depth and quality of literary writing should definitely pick up this title.

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A Modern Celt – Mabh Savage

A Pagan book looking at modern witchcraft practitioners who identify with Celtic traditions and exploring how that works in a modern context. It’s quite personal writing, rather than being an academic overview of the modern movement, and it’s not covering the Druid side of this at all. It would be a particularly good read for teenage Pagans, especially ones who don’t come from a Pagan background and could do with some ancestors of tradition. There’s lots to chew on, and plenty of good information but nothing likely to lead a person out of their depths. I find writing aimed at teens can often be a bit preachy in tone, but this author is clearly young, and speaking from experience in a way I think other young Pagans would benefit from. It’s not been offered as a book for teens but I very much recommend it as one.

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Through the Cracks in the Concrete the Wilderness Grows  – Luke Eastwood

I know Luke through his Druidic books, so when he announced a poetry collection I was keen to get a copy. This is a really good collection – definitely one for Druids and green minded folk. There’s a lot of eco-content, a lot of reflection on how people live and treat each other and relate to the world. Some of it is dark and troubled, some if it is really edgy, but ultimately, it’s a positive book. I read it in a single session and it felt like taking a journey from ignorance through learning and despair and round to a better way of seeing things. The writing is direct, accessible and incredibly punchy. You don’t have to know anything in advance of reading this. This isn’t poetry to interpret, it’s something you can let happen to you.

More about the book here –


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