Why you need a Tweazel

I’m a big fan of Matlock the Hare. I met Phil and Jacqui Lovesey through the medium of Twitter quite some years ago, and instantly adored Jacqui’s artwork. Through their regular posts, I met some of the creatures of Winchett Dale, got to know the magical hares at the heart of their books, and came to the conclusion that I needed to read what they’d created. I bought The Trefflepugga Path, and then The Tillian Wand, and now I’m waiting (and I’ve been waiting ages) for The Trial of the Magical Elders. I need this book. So, this is a plea – support the kickstarter because that’s how we get book three and I’m going mad with not knowing what happens next. Book 2 finished on a serious cliffhanger.

Go here (please, please) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/934318055/the-trial-of-the-majickal-elders

Why, you may legitimately ask, is this fabulous book needing crowd sourcing to get published? It’s a bloody good question. The trouble is, that the main character is a talking hare, and most of the other characters are creatures. In the eyes of conventional publishing, this means it is a book for very small children and no one else could want to read it. However, the writing is grownup, and sophisticated, clever, plotty, totally unsuitable for very small children. My teenager loves these books. I love these books. The other adults I’ve bought these books for also love these books. These are great books, but they defy the rules, and so publishers won’t take a risk on them. Because, you know, Watership Down, Animal Farm, The Duncton Wood Chronicles – no one has ever written a really successful book for older readers that had talking animals in it. Umm.

There are tweazels in this kickstarter. Alarming and simultaneously wonderful things, tweazels (the orange fellow in the image at the top of the blog). A handmade, lovely thing, there are at time of blogging, several left. I have a dripple (another denizen of Winchett Dale), I can vouch for the quality of these creations. They are superb.

I need books that surprise me. I need books that take me somewhere else, and fill my head with things I’d never have thought of and get me looking at life from different angles. I need to be stretched, and unsettled and uplifted. The first two volumes of Matlock the Hare were, quite seriously, everything I have ever looked for in a book. If you’ve been with my blog a while then you probably like the same sorts of things I do. I encourage you to check out their website – http://matlockthehare.com/page/654816-books.aspx


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