Tiny books, big love

3 very small books this week, all from independent creators. I’m fascinated by the way in which a small book can also be an art object, especially if handmade. Small books are more likely to be limited edition, and are in my foreseeable future going to require their own very small bookcase! 2 of these are very Stroud-centric, the last one isn’t.

Little Metropolis – poems of Stroud, of small town living, nostalgia, and reluctantly growing up, by Adam Horovitz. Ideal for anyone with a Stroud connection, money from the project goes to support Stroud Fringe, and there’s also an audio version with music. It brought home to me something of what it means to be deeply rooted in a place, which having moved several times in my life, I don’t really have.

More about the project here – https://littlemetropolis.bandcamp.com/releases




Growing Victorians in Your Garden – by Bill Jones. Illustrated by Bill Jones as well. A mix of the mournful and the whimsical, highly recommended for steampunks, gardeners,  and people who like tiny, lovely things.

I think the only way to get one of these is by hurling yourself at Bill in the street, but it’s worth doing if you can get to Stroud. More about Growing Victorians over on Bill’s blog – http://www.hawkerspot.com/2015/12/growing-victorians-in-your-garden.html


The League of Lid Curving Witchery’s Guide to Peffa Oidy Witches – (which I couldn’t find an image for) this is a tiny(peffa oidy) book from Phil and Jacqui Lovesey of Matlock the Hare. They make a lot of tiny books, with gorgeous colour illustrations and extra insights into the world of Winchett Dale. Peffa Oidy Witches are one of my favourite things. Keep an eye on their website for new peffa oidy books, these are a delight to own.

More about handmade books and what’s currently available here – http://matlockthehare.com/products/302245–matlock-the-hare-handmade-books.aspx

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