Friday Reads (again)

Things I’ve read recently that I think other people ought to read, too.


Hall of Misery, by Bill Jones. A small, illustrated text you have to buy directly from Mr Jones, which you can do on his website – or in the streets of Stroud. If you’ve been missing Edward Gorey, this, quite simply, is the book you’ve been waiting for. Dark and funny, making comedy of existential angst and putting it all into perspective. Usually the perspective involves tiny human figures in vast, oppressive landscapes. If you’re still not sure whether this is for you, poke around until you succumb. I laughed out loud, repeatedly. (And yes, that stalking poem a few weeks back, this is *that* Bill Jones.)


House of many ways – Diana Wynne Jones. I read this cover to cover on Tuesday night because I needed some escapism, and this delivered. It’s book three of a series that starts with Howl’s Moving Castle – ideally you need to read all three in order.

Plotty, clever, imaginative, its charming.  Diana Wynne Jones favours stories in which young people discover that they had good things going on in themselves all along. Values, qualities, strengths and skills they hadn’t recognised, worth not previously identified, alongside their flaws and foibles. I like this about her work.

Available all the places one can find books.



Your Faery Magic by Halo Quin, published this month, this is a book I was asked to read well ahead of the release date. It’s a gentle introduction to things faerie that acknowledges the darker and more dangerous bits. You could read it entirely as a pathworking book – the journeys Halo suggests would work very well from a purely meditative perspective. It’s also I think a very good book for enthusiastic teens – enough good content to be worth their time, but unlikely to get them into serious trouble! If you are a gentle soul, or starting out and wanting not to get out of your depth, I think this is a good place to start.

My adult self rather suspects that my early teens self would have utterly loved this book.

You can order this or find it online anywhere that sells books. More about the book here.

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