Community Druid, hermit Druid

I’m drawn to the path of the hermit, to silence, and solitude or just the company of Tom, who is very easy to be silent with. To be out in the hills, or sitting with the dead, away from the noise of living, and the concerns of people. To be off social media, out of blogging, not trying to turn experience into meaningful words I can share.

There would be issues in doing this full time. If I was to be a hermit, someone else would have to support me financially in doing that. It’s one thing to retire from the world having retired, but my life stage requires me to be financially active. I have to engage with people to work, I have to source things from people, I also need to show up as a parent.

Much of the urge to go into the hills and listen to the wind and sit with the dead is selfish. These things are increasingly easy for me, and increasingly comfortable. It’s the living I find difficult. Some of the living, some of the time.

I stood in ritual circle on Saturday and committed to being more of a community Druid. I pledged myself to holding space for anyone who wants it, in ritual a few times a year, socially, and in support of people by whatever means makes sense at the time. I will try to be more open-hearted, more generous, more present.

A small number of people have managed to cause me a vast amount of damage, one way and another. The urge to flee, and hide, to slip into silence and non-participation is as much a fear-based choice as it is a call to the wild. I’m tired of being hurt. I’m tired of feeling vulnerable, and having that vulnerability exploited. I’m tired of people who use me. I know they have been the minority, but every occasion of being available, every round of being open leaves me afraid that the person I’m dealing with will turn out to be one of the unhappy few.

At the moment I have a lot of reasons to think about who I can work for and on what terms. I’m considering who I’ll be available to and on what terms. People I can say no to. People who can say no to me without knocking me down. People who want to spend time with me (however infrequently that’s viable) not people I forever feel like I’m chasing to no good effect. People who respect my boundaries and don’t pounce on me, and who are more interested in finding right answers than proving themselves right. Not people who need to compete with me or score points or prove something.

And so, holding my best guess at where the boundaries need to be, I am shuffling forward, to be more in service, to be a community Druid while holding hermit time for myself. All too often, to offer service can be an open invitation to be used by all-comers. I can’t sustain that any more. I don’t think it’s an ethical way to treat a person, and I am no longer willing to facilitate people in treating me unethically. I have no idea what will come of this, but perhaps I can do more without being worn down by it.


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Druid, author, dreamer, folk enthusiast, parent, wife to the most amazing artist -Tom Brown. Drinker of coffee, maker of puddings. Exploring life as a Pagan, seeking good and meaningful ways to be, struggling with mental health issues and worried about many things. View all posts by Nimue Brown

9 responses to “Community Druid, hermit Druid

  • Graeme K Talboys

    I was happy being part of a community until members of that community began to demand that I write more books about being Druid. And I mean – demand. At that point, the urge died and I retreated. I may yet write those books, but only when I am ready.

    • Nimue Brown

      Ouch. I hope you do write more – but when you are ready. Writing on demand doesn’t tend to do anyone much good, and feeling pressured to is not good.

    • Christopher Blackwell

      It is one thing to ask, but quite another to demand. One of the reasons that I am a lone wolf, is that I don’t care for group politics.
      Graeme, I don’t blame you for backing off. There needs to be boundaries of what is allowed, in order to get respect.

      • Sheila North

        Christopher, I think part of the problem with the world is a small percentage of the population who demand respect for themselves, but don’t appear to realise that respect and boundaries are a two way street.

  • Sheila North

    Live is one damn thing after another. We all need to balance our private time with our public time. For some, the best balance is more private than public. If we are one of those, than we’re far better admitting that, and factoring it into how we live our lives.

    Having said that, I frequently get it wrong, and suffer the consequences with my mental health..unfortunately, so does everyone around me, including my long-suffering husband.

    Best of luck with finding your balance, Nimue.

  • eberis

    Hello . I’m urban . ‘The’ current quibble ‘s .. Urban’s loud and tends to attract ‘game’ druids . ‘Flowers’ we call ancient thicket . . ‘re the bacteria You call Awen went inactive 2500 Years ago . Stonehenge ‘s the place to view the ark of the child of Posieden [(sorry about spelling)] , Salaca £ when He floats the basinet from the North Gibralter trench . Sorry . but our Order includes gamer and urban . Have a Good New Year . Peace n Pots .

    • Christopher Blackwell

      I can assure you that we Wiccans suffer such people in even greater number within our own Wiccan traditions, what I refer to as Palygans.There is always a need over time to let such weed themselves out to move on to their next fad. [Grin]

      • eberis

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  • eberis

    🎮 I’m a Fourth Level Druid @LordDruidLDS programming networking✌

    I’m loading magic internet2 today . Happy zoroastrian week cannabis …

    Naysayer of difficult allocation . . I’m ‘zen’ finished 25 Years networking*

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