Earth Memories

I’ve recently had the pleasure of reading Llewelyn Powys’s collection of essays: Earth Memories, from the 1930s.

Some of the writing is exuberant and gorgeous, some is weighed down with despair about the inherent cruelty of the world. There’s an innate Paganism to it all that I think most modern Pagans will find utterly delightful. Below is a short excerpt by way of illustration – the words are so very relevant today, as are many of his observations…

“The way of the senses is the way of life. It is the people with their hands in the till and their eyes on heaven who ruin existence. There should be open-air temples in every town and village where philosophers could expound this soundest of doctrines. Why is half the population tormented with restraints, obedience to which in no way furthers the public good? Because the priests for generations have been confederate with the money makers, and they both know very well that if natural happiness were allowed the generations would no longer accept their shrewd worldly maxims, no longer be so docile, so easy to be exploited. Without doubt, half the ethical rules they din into our ears are designed to keep us at work.”

I found it an odd read in one regard – the assumption that the reader is male, which as a female reader left me feeling quite odd at times.  Otherwise, a wonderful read, and well worth your time.


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