Of Tea and Dragons (also, bones and glue)

This is from a project I started a few years ago. There were a number of reasons – how little there is for a bright and articulate child to read, if they can’t cope with the emotions and ideas of adult books but they need something a bit more engaging than what’s normally aimed at kids under 6 years of age. Partly in self defence because as a parent reading books brought home from school I have been depressed and demoralised so many times by the banal, trite and joyless stuff they are so often given. Child readers deserve better. So do the poor adults trying to support them. Reading for all ages should be fun, it should be interesting, engaging, exciting, it should inspire and encourage and surprise and generally result in life being a bit better. I don’t know I can claim this project does all these things, but it does at least try!

The Moth Festival

Hello again, dear reader! This time, I thought I might share some art process and a bit of poetry with you. The following images are (in order) the drawing for the Tea Dragons Alphabet poem (more about Tea Dragons in a bit) and the finished “painted” version.The drawing was done with graphite and black coloured pencil on Bristol, and the “painting” took place in Photoshop.


The painted version *is* a bit colourful, for me, but I hope you are not too badly shocked.

Here, now is part of the verse that it illustrates. ( I did promise you poetry, after all)

A is for Assam, a champion brew

B is for bones, crushed and mixed up with glue

C is for cups which we make from the bone,

D is for drinking, our tea skills we hone.

E is for Earl Grey, full of bergamot,

F for the forest where tea dragons…

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