Me and my worms

I live in a flat in an area that doesn’t currently collect kitchen waste on the doorstep. We don’t generate a lot of food waste, but there’s the inevitable banana skins, squash peel, carrot tops and things of that ilk. I hate sending things like that to landfill. Last autumn we had a family conference, and decided we needed worms.

We purchased a junior wormery – small enough to be a comfortable addition to the small kitchen. It’s basically a big bucket. Inside the bucket is an elevated platform so that liquid can collect at the bottom. There’s a tap to let the liquid out. The tiger worms came by post, with some starter bedding and instructions. In the first few days we had a lot of escapes and had to be very careful in the kitchen of a morning, then we got clever about tying the lid down, because the securing brackets just weren’t enough on their own to thwart the adventurous inclinations of our wormy friends.

In the last month, they’ve had babies – which encourages me to think they find their standard of living acceptable. This morning we were able to drain off liquid for the first time – watered down it provides a feed for our small array of windowsill plants. It also stinks. Apparently worm wee is one of the smelliest things imaginable. Still, hopefully the plants will like it. We should now get a regular supply of liquid. We should also get a few pots’ worth of compost, come the summer.

This just leaves the problem of the non-recyclable plastics. I continue to harass supermarkets and product produces when opportunities arise, still pondering the scope for clever reuse. In the meantime, the worms save our council a few pounds here and there on landfill costs, and provide us not only with fertiliser, but also considerable amusement. They’ve been a surprisingly entertaining addition to our little household, and are well worth considering if other compost options are not available to you.


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4 responses to “Me and my worms

  • Cheryl

    Hehe! I just read this post out to my husband and he grimaced! I don’t think i will be able to introduce this to our kitchen anytime soon…

  • Christopher Blackwell

    Now I know that worm wee smells. I had not known that before. Now all I have to do is figure out how to use that in my conversation with my customers. I am sure they will appreciate my educating them. [Grin] It is also the kind of odd information that I will probably ever forget.

  • Yvonne Ryves

    We have our worms living outside the back door and have loads of worm pee. We’ve had them for a good few years now and even though they are happy and reproduce plentifully they sadly don’t get through as much food as you’d think though 😦 Since last summer we also have two totally enclosed compost bins that are on rollers off the ground. These take way more left over fruit and veg bits than the worms and we get much more compost from them and much faster but no worm pee.

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