Charles de Lint

I first encountered Charles de Lint in my teens. He’s a prolific author, blending myth and imagination with modern settings and real world issues. His writing has enchanted me repeatedly, not only is it glorious escapism, but it also inspires me and feeds my soul. He’s one of the authors I keep going back to, and whose books I am unlikely to risk loaning to anyone else.

He’s one of those authors who, if there was either reason or justice in this world, would have the time and space to just write without having to run around doing the job of a traditional publisher, as well, but such is the world… On Facebook this week, this appeared…

“We’ve just released our Triskell Press e-book of The Very Best of CdL. On the advice of other indie authors, I’m trying out Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Prime) program for 90 days. KDP subscribers can download the book and read it for free. I’m only doing this because I’m trying to expand my readership and find some new fans, and Amazon’s KDP subscriber base is huge. Apparently I’ll reach a multitude of readers who’ve never heard of me. Word-of-mouth is crucial for any author to succeed, so it also *really* helps me if you Share this announcement. Thanks again to my readers here, who helped me choose these stories. I couldn’t have put this collection together without you. And once again, I owe a BIG debt of gratitude to Charles Vess, who kindly offered his cover art for this book. MaryAnn and I have the original hanging in our house. Lucky, eh?”

That an author of Charles de Lint’s calibre can no longer find a comfortable home he can rely on in mainstream publishing says a lot about the shameful and sorry mess the mainstream is in. This man is lovely and brilliant in equal measure. As it’s possible a few of you reading this blog have not heard of him, I wanted to give him a plug. The things that might have drawn you here – a love of things Celtic, folklore, mystery, tradition, landscape, wildness… makes you very likely to enjoy his work. Please do take a moment to check out the book.



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4 responses to “Charles de Lint

  • Will

    I have loved Charles De Lint since the 90’s and he was one of my major influences to get involved in any type of Paganism.

  • cassandralathamjones

    I remember reading The Little Country many years ago. It was set in the land and folklore of where I live – Mousehole and the Men an Tol being a few miles away. A very evocative tale as I recall. 🙂

  • Christopher Blackwell

    I have read a number of his books and liked the very much. So I wrote to him and told him and got a nice letter back from him and answered it. One thing led to another and I ended up with nearly a year of correspondence from him. His mother was a stamp collector, so I always made sure to use the more unusual of the America Stamps. So he is not only a very good writer, but genuinely a nice guy.

  • Blodeuwedd

    I discovered him when I was at university and was enchanted immediately. He is indeed a genius!

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